The manufacturing industry

Focusing on efficiency and improvement

CANEA ONE is a management system with features specifically adapted to the manufacturing industry. With the help of digitalization and proven methodology, we give you better conditions for efficiency and continuous improvement.

The background to the success of the Swedish manufacturing industry is a high level of innovation and productivity. We took that into account when we created CANEA ONE. Another important guiding principle for us is user-friendliness -because the key to a well-functioning management system is that all employees in the organisation feel that the system is relevant and supportive in their daily activities 

Efficiency through digitalisation

Benefits of using CANEA ONE for both strategic planning and operational activities: Reduced quality gap costs, better governance and less time spent on non-value adding activities.

Continuous improvement work

Measure, monitor and improve processes, record deviations and conduct audits in a structured way. Our system has features for customer and supplier complaints, internal audits, improvement suggestions, process mapping/measurement, 8D, PDCA and DMAIC.

Complete solution for quality assurance

A digitized solution with integrated support for Core Tools and quality management processes that equips you to meet increasing market demands and competition, such as: PPAP, APQP, FMEA, LPA, SPC and MSA.

Everyday support

CANEA ONE is an easy-to-use and intuitive management system that supports laws and regulations and includes all departments in the manufacturing value chain.

They already use CANEA ONE

CANEA ONE has a large number of satisfied users among major players in the manufacturing industry. Take a look at a few cases below.

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Challenges within the manufacturing industry

The Swedish manufacturing industry has successfully developed its customer offerings by creating services that are linked to the products, for example in the form of service, support and development. This makes companies' offerings more complete, while allowing them to differentiate themselves in the market. In addition, the interface between customer and supplier is both broader and deeper.

Factors such as these are strategically crucial in an environment of fierce competition, high quality requirements and increased complexity in supply chains.

Internationalization is changing and no longer follows any given templates, placing greater demands on companies to find their own way to reach out to the world and constantly optimize their operations.

Internationalisation is changing and no longer follows any given templates, placing greater demands on companies to find their own way to reach out to the world and constantly optimise their operations.

CANEA’s solution

We have developed CANEA ONE based on 20 years of experience in management systems. It's quick to get up and running, and easy to use and maintain. The system has ready-made and integrated functions for managing strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents. Everything you need for more efficient operations management, plain and simple.

We have been working with the manufacturing industry for over 20 years and have successfully delivered over 300 CANEA ONE implementation projects, the majority of which have been in this industry.


CANEA ONE is a complete business support system for both strategic planning and operations that is tailored to industry requirements.

Securely manage all your instructions, procedures, checklists and other governing documents. Easy document upload and editing with support for templates, version management, review flows, permission management etc. Follow-up on the distribution of your documents is made easy through read receipts and built-in tests for competence assurance, which are acknowledged by the user with electronic signature.

Automated physical distribution of documents to bulletin boards, consultants, suppliers, clients etc. CANEA ONE is also used by many of our clients to manage their product documentation.

The project tool provides control over all customer and development projects and makes it easy to see progress and resources. It enables a standardized project approach such as APQP, with smart features for managing project models, gates, templates and decisions. It makes it easy to communicate and involve externals in the project with shared information, documents and plans where everything is up-to-date, accessible and structured in one place. Easy to meet IATF requirements.

By mapping and describing processes, a picture emerges of 'how' things are done, what improvements are possible and where there is a need for collaboration with others. Using our system, you can easily model, communicate and make the processes clickable in hierarchies so that everyone understands. The simplicity of the process tool makes it easy to update, measure and manage your processes.

In a highly competitive industry, it's important to constantly monitor how processes are performing and where to put your resources for improvement and efficiency. It is also necessary to have an overall plan and a clear goal of what you want to achieve with your processes. The prerequisites for measuring processes are that you have a standardized way of working and a fixed measurement point to start from.

CANEA ONE now has the ability to configure and administer goals, as well as clearly measure and visualize how the goals are met directly in the process map. This provides clarity for everyone involved in the process and facilitates root cause analysis and decision making

By digitizing and creating executable processes, you get better management and visibility. Process support that is constantly being adapted to changing needs and requirements creates the optimal conditions for you. Automate the procedure of processes and ensure that handover is done properly and with the right information. Unbeatable overview of processes in real time, with transparent reports and charts. All in all, this is the basis for continuous improvement work and a tool for involving both suppliers and customers in your processes.

Through initiatives, activities, processes and ways of working, the strategy is uniquely linked to operations. This creates the common thread from strategic to tactical and operational level. Digitize the entire governance model by creating and detailing a digital version of the strategy including vision, long-term goals and associated balanced scorecard with KPIs and metrics for both employees, process owners and management.

CANEA Workflow is a flexible and broad case management system in the front line and CANEA hasan aggressive development plan that we have been involved with to a certain extent. In addition, theconnection between case management, document management and the project tool in CANEA ONEis excellent!

Some of our clients

Since starting we have helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient and profitable. Below are some examples of who we have worked with so far.


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