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Career-long learning is now more important than ever. With the right partner it can also be both efficient and enjoyable.

Open training courses for your operation

Continuous training is not just beneficial. It is usually considered to be an enjoyable break to everyday work and a real energy injection. We have been delivering professional training courses across a wide range of areas for close to 30 years. Regardless of whether there is a need within project management, leadership, rationalization, auditing, quality or the environment or work environment, we help find the training that best suits you and your organization's challenges.


Lecturers with a background in business

Our lecturers are all active management consultants, who give you a mix of theory and the practical. The theoretical foundation, combined with wide practical experience is important in order to be able to directly apply your newly gained knowledge in daily work.


Remote training courses give increased flexibility

With an extended number of remote training courses, we make it even easier to acquire the knowledge where it works best, depending on the person and situation. Our live streamed, online training sessions give you the opportunity for an interactive and personal training experience, even remotely.


Hybrid learning - the best of both worlds

With blended learning you have access to supplementary support in the form of a digital learning platform for some of our training courses. As a training participant you have the opportunity to follow a pedagogic curriculum, where our training materials are available in different digital formats - before, during and after training.

Some participants of our previous training courses

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