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A management system should help drive your business towards your vision and put your strategies into practice. But it's only when the system becomes a living, natural part of your everyday life that you can really benefit from it.

Often complicated
and deprioritised

One thing that prevents many organisations from getting the full impact of their management system is simply that it is not used by employees. Some even see it as a necessary evil – a must-have in order to qualify for a certain certificate.

But why is it like this? Well, often it's because the management system is not user-friendly enough. It can be difficult to find and manage information, or it can be too time-consuming and complicated to maintain. And then the natural support is never as it should be.

For a management system to be useful, you need to use it and to keep it up to date. Otherwise, it will soon become obsolete and no longer fit with the strategies and working methods you currently have.

The road to a living management system

Instead of a complicated solution that no one uses, we build a management system that is easy to use, user-friendly and adds real value to everyday life. And we're doing it with smart technology, developing ways of working and increasing employee skills.


Here are some examples of the impact of a living management system:


 Supports employees in their daily work


Creates internal and external customer focus


Reduces stress and internal friction


Eliminates time thieves


Promotes systematic improvement

A living management system requires good IT support. Today, management systems are often comprehensive, multilingual, all-encompassing and integrated with, for example, quality, environment and information security – which places high demands on technology.

When introducing IT support, it is a good idea to review the structure, content and organisation of the management system at the same time. There are several pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together for optimal results.

Four key steps on the road to a living management system:

  • Ensure understanding and compliance from management.
  • Create a common view of the management system in the organisation.
  • Map and improve cross-functional flows.
  • Delete, minimise and simplify documentation.
We chose CANEA ONE as our management system solution because the platform is both scalable and adaptable

A comprehensive
program family

Our CANEA ONE platform is an effective business management system that helps coordinate your resources and ways of working by linking strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents. The five user-friendly modules can be combined and activated as needed.

Implements strategies and creates understanding and commitment among employees through links to daily operations.

Increases the ability to deliver lasting results and maximises the benefits of investments made.

Ensures that the right information is in the right place and can be managed by the right person.

Frees up time for the actual business through better overview and smoother processing of cases.

Visualises processes and makes business process descriptions accessible and up-to-date.


CANEA knows
management systems

We have been working with business development since 1994 and offer not only comprehensive IT support, but also knowledge in the form of training and skilled consultants.

Our clients tend to say that the benefits of working with us in developing management systems are that we contribute:

  • Experience of similar assignments in several different sectors.
  • Effective models and tools from an extensive methodology library.
  • The ability to transfer our expertise quickly and educationally.
  • A positive and engaging approach to the problem.
  • The ability to identify the client's unique circumstances and adapt the approach for best results.

We help you move from a requirements-driven management system with a view to certification, to a benefits-driven management system with a view to business impact.

Some of our clients

Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of organisations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of what we've worked on so far.

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