Non-profit organizations

Get more out of your efforts and make the most of your employees' commitment

The beloved child has many names – non-profit, charitable or not-for-profit – but whatever they are called, we care about them dearly.  

The nature of non-profit activities is such that committed people come and go. Procedures, processes and documents are established, forgotten and re-established. This means that information and knowledge are lost and a lot of time has to be spent "reinventing the wheel". In addition, representatives of these organizations have to be extra careful with donors' money, as the existence of their activities depends on how they are perceived by potential donors.

A relevant and well-functioning management system must address all these aspects of non-profit work. It must be so easy to use, and so useful that staff feel they are spending most of their time on the non-profit work and not on "bureaucracy". One of the best examples of this is that the management of wills is made much easier with our case management module – for example, caseworkers don't have to remember to monitor them, because the system sends reminders. 

Proven and adapted support 
Our experience of working with non-profit organizations enables us to offer a tailored and efficient system.

Efficiency through digitalization
Better governance and less administration frees up time to work on what really matters. 

Better working conditions
Relevant information gathered in one place simplifies both case handovers and working from home. 
Significantly better forecasts

More efficient management of information and a better overview of the status of cases make forecasting both better and easier. 

Easy system administration

The CANEA ONE management system is easy to configure and maintain on your own without expert knowledge.  

High information security

Minimal risk of losing information because a staff member quits or important papers are lost. 

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CANEA’s solution

CANEA ONE is complete digital business support for the integrated handling of all elements of a management system and it has proven to work very well for non-profit organizations. They can easily configure the system, or relevant modules, according to their specific conditions and needs. In other words, there is no need for support from either us or external IT consultants, which keeps costs down.

The CANEA Workflow, CANEA Document and CANEA Project modules are particularly relevant in this context. The former - CANEA Workflow - automates case management, such as the processing of wills, making it significantly more efficient than manual processing. And it makes it easier to work from home, which significantly improves the perceived working environment. It also minimizes the risk of cases falling between the cracks during handovers and then being forgotten. More efficient processing therefore saves both time and money, which is particularly relevant for non-profit organizations that handle donors' money.

However, the full benefits of a new management system only become apparent after a period of time, when users have begun to understand and appreciate all the system's possibilities and features. CANEA ONE has ready-made functions for electronic signing, traceability, reading and distribution quotes and more. Moreover, not to be forgotten, it is much easier to obtain reliable forecasts of future income, especially when it comes from contributions via wills.  

Our non-profit partners

We've been working with and supporting - we donate at least two percent of our annual profits to charity - non-profit organizations since 2015 and have learned a lot. Below are some non-profit organizations we work with, or have recently worked with. For a more detailed presentation - read more below.

  • Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society)
  • We Effect
  • Vi-skogen (We Agroforestry)
  • Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society)
  • WWF

Read more about how we are socially responsible here.  



Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society) is an independent, non-profit fundraising organization and our largest partner among the non-profit organizations. They handle gifts in the form of wills, value and sell real estate and buildings, and locate and inform external stakeholders of estates. It is also not uncommon for beneficiaries of estates to die, leading to litigation and appeals in the courts, which in turn can lead to cases having to be parked until the legal issues are resolved.

CANEA Workflow

The CANEA Workflow module makes it easy to allocate tasks between different administrators, taking into account the actual workload at any given time. In the case of non-profit organizations, the number of cases on an administrator’s desk is in many cases a poor indicator of their workload, as it depends on the phase of the cases. And handovers between administrators can be done without any hassle or risk of information leakage. 

In other words, it is a complex operation that has much to gain from digitizing its management processes. Digitalization has made it possible for staff to work largely from home, if they so wish, and has made handovers between different administrators and the production of revenue forecasts much easier. 

Passionate people facilitate implementation

All organizations need passionate people. Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society) is a committed trustee and one of their lawyers found our scheme so exciting that she took it on herself to manage it on their behalf. Which is not a particularly onerous task - CANEA ONE is easy to manage! - but important.

Enthusiasts are also particularly important in the transition from manual to digital management. Most employees have so much to do that they don't feel they have time to get to grips with a new system. But it's a bit like someone dragging a wheelbarrow with a square wheel and not finding the time to change to a round one. The time it takes to introduce a digital management system pays off in many ways in the long run, for example in terms of minimizing the time spent on case management.  

We have a better overview of our processing, where we can see the phase distribution of our cases and the workload of the team in a completely different way. The views we use also make it much easier for administrators to prioritize their work. CANEA ONE has also created a unified documentation and communication of our cases.

Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society)

SSRS is a voluntary organization with 74 rescue stations and more than 260 rescue units along Sweden's coasts and major lakes, as well as 2,400 volunteer rescuers who rescue people at sea at all times of the day and night throughout the year. In addition to gifts, donations and membership fees, bequests are important for the survival of the organization.

SSRS chose the CANEA Workflow module to streamline the management of wills. It will help them to manage all wills in a standardized way, which can be developed flexibly according to future needs. The module will also provide a good overview of, and follow-up on, all wills and simplify communication with external parties.  


Världsnaturfonden WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

WWF is a non-partisan environmental and conservation organization founded in 1961. The organization has more than six million supporters and runs projects in more than 100 countries. Its mission is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature. WWF works actively to stop species extinction, halt habitat loss and slow climate change.

WWF chose CANEA to streamline its wills management. This has given them a better overview and the ability to process more wills in less time. It has also given them the opportunity to exchange experiences with other non-profit organizations using CANEA ONE for how to get the most out of the support, for example in terms of more flows.

Areas of use

CANEA ONE is a proven all-in-one solution with customized and powerful functionality.

Safely manage instructions, procedures, checklists and other governing documents. Easily upload and edit documents with support for templates, versioning, referral flows, permissions management, and more. Follow-up of employee access to information with read receipts.

Get an overview of all cases, such as the handling of wills, who is dealing with them and what stage each case is at. Deviations, changes and the parties involved are shown at any given time.

Use the social features of the system to enable discussion and information sharing in a natural way linked to documents, activities, risks etc. The system automatically notifies of changes, news and posts within the project - both at project level and aggregated individual level. The system is also integrated with online meetings and chat.  

CANEA ONE stores all contracts in one place and makes them searchable on metadata. This ranges from supplier agreements, customer agreements and employment contracts to partner agreements, GDPR agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Deadlines for contract renewals and terminations are documented per contract and reminders are sent to the relevant persons. 

With all the data in one place, it's much easier to get reliable forecasts quickly. Forecasts that can then be used to get an overall picture of the revenue flow, which of course facilitates grant contribution.

Create graphical analyzes with optional content from all data in all cases. They can be easily attached to reports and used for regular evaluations of, for example, revenue flow.

Facilitate the correct legal handling of cases with governing documents and guidelines. Electronic signing makes the work so easy that it can largely be carried out from home.

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