Brogren Industries got a boost with new management system

Brogren Industries lacked control of its documents and needed to create order. CANEA Document was the solution, and it has worked so well that their partnership with CANEA has been expanded further.

Background and needs

Brogren Industries currently has the expertise to fulfil all the tough quality requirements that need to be met to be a provider to the airline industry, with customers such as GKN Aerospace, Siemens Turbomachinery, Parker Hannifin, Rosemount, Presens AS, etc.

Reaching this point required starting with certification for the AS 9100 standard, which in turn needed an efficient documentation system. Brogren Industries was initially helped in this work by CANEA, but the partnership would eventually prove to be much greater.

Brogren Industries has its roots in the Swedish engineering industry, previously as “LB’s Mekaniska Verkstad”. They have built up a TIG welding and laser welding department that meets the requirements of ISO 3834-2 and have also expanded their premises, trained operators and upgraded machinery. During this five-year period, Brogren Industries has grown from 50 to 100 employees.

“From the start, here at Brogren Industries, we lacked control over our documents. All the descriptive documents were in different places, and we had problems finding the right documents when we needed them. Following a mailing from CANEA regarding document management, our then finance and quality manager attended an IT seminar organised by CANEA. He returned to Brogren with information, and we felt that CANEA Document offered what we needed to organise our documents,” says Quality Manager Fredrik Olofsson.

Implementation and cooperation with CANEA

CANEA Document was purchased in early 2010 and Brogren Industries got a complete review of their system. At the same time, preparations started for certification for the airline industry and AS 9100. They carried out their own GAP analysis that more or less forced them to redo their system, which was qualified to ISO 9001, where they saw flaws in both traceability and processes for meeting the stringent requirements. Brogren Industries felt that external help was required to learn more about process management. With the help of consultants from CANEA, they learned about process thinking for swim lanes and main process maps. Using workshops, they created their main process map, and they worked hard internally between workshop sessions producing procedures and templates prior to the next meeting with CANEA.

“The help we received from CANEA was so energising that we chose to continue with their help for the work with our sub-processes. Finally, after about a year, Brogren’s new business management system could be launched in May 2011. Throughout the work, CANEA has delivered what it promised and met its deadlines, says Fredrik.

In parallel with Brogren Industries’ process work, CANEA has trained the staff and helped with certification under AS 9100. CANEA has helped Brogren Industries to build up and adapt the new IT systems (in addition to CANEA Document, CANEA Workflow is used for case management and CANEA Process for process modelling) so that they are suitable for the business and the requirements Brogren Industries has set itself.

“I see a huge advantage in being able to find so much knowledge gathered at one supplier. CANEA has really got to know Brogren and we have been able to use the same contact person at CANEA for all our questions. CANEA has great expertise in IT, management and training. CANEA is permeated by a creativity and competence that detected our problems, even when we hardly knew ourselves precisely what we were asking for. Now, as we redo the processes to fit our new larger organisation, we can set up case flows and create conditions for the documents ourselves. As the need arises, we will naturally continue to look to CANEA for help,” concludes Fredrik.