Go from plan to reality with user-friendly IT support

CANEA ONE is a complete system for health and social care providers that creates a common thread from strategies and plans to operations.

Powerful and flexible for users with high requirements, yet easy to use for employees out in the field. Perhaps that's why more and more private and public health and social care providers are choosing CANEA ONE?

Follows the regulations
of the National Board of Health and Welfare

CANEA ONE is designed to simplify and streamline operations in accordance with national regulations such as your local, regional and federal regulations.

Supports systematic improvements

A powerful support tool for continuous improvement that creates the conditions for a living management system where everyone feels involved.

Less complex, more

Consolidates all information in one place and presents it according to the role and needs of the individual employee.

Common thread from strategy to operation

Includes selectable modules that together create an integrated system for everything from strategic planning to day-to-day operations - where everything is connected.

They already use CANEA ONE

CANEA ONE has a large number of satisfied users among the major players in the Health and social care sector. Take a look at a few cases below.

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CANEA´s solution
for health and care

CANEA ONE brings all parts of your organization together - from strategies and plans to day-to-day operations. It allows you to ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety, while providing powerful support for systematic quality management. Our goal is for CANEA ONE to be a living management system that engages all employees for continuous improvement, higher quality and participation.

Our system is represented both in the county councils, with health centers and emergency hospitals, and in municipal care with elderly care, assistance and social services. Some examples of our Swedish customers are Region Östergötland, Health Care Services Stockholm County, Värmland County Council, Gävle Municipality, Region Gotland, Frösunda and St. Erik’s Eye hospital.


CANEA ONE is a complete business support system for both strategic planning and operations.

Displays relevant information and data based on the user's role in the organization, which contributes to good usability for the individual employee.

Create a flexible process-oriented management system with clickable process maps and quality-assured lifecycle management for governing documents, such as procedures, checklists and policies.

Create executable processes such as self-checks, deviations, improvement suggestions, risk analyses and complaints/notifications for more efficient handling and better possibilities for follow-up, statistics and reporting.

CANEA ONE makes it easier to find the right information at the right time, but also easier to reach the right target group with the right information and ensure that the message gets through via read receipts and tests.

Our app allows you to report activities and access important documents directly on your mobile or tablet.

CANEA ONE's modules enable a living and effective management system that creates a common thread all the way from strategy to operation.

As our needs increase, we are grateful that the system thinks of usfunctions as an assistance and makes it easy to keep order."

Some of our clients

Canea has helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient. Here are some examples of valued customers we’ve helped. 


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