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Our history

In constant evolution
to help others evolve

CANEA was founded on the idea of helping companies and organizations to become better, more efficient and more profitable. In short, to help others evolve.


From consultancy to training support

Initially, it provided consultancy services to organizations that wanted to be certified or otherwise quality assured. From there, we soon realized that there was a lack of good training in our specialist areas. Put simply, our consultants developed customized training courses, based on the research of others and their own experience. These soon became both sought after and popular, and an increasingly important part of our business. Most importantly, as we got better, it helped our clients get even better. Which in turn made us better!


Last piece of the puzzle in place

The next big step in our development was taken in the late 1990s, again in response to the needs of our clients. By developing effective IT solutions for document management and business workflows, we were not only able to keep up with the market, but to lead it As it turned out, in a period of internationalization and emerging digitalization, the timing was excellent. IT solutions soon proliferated and there is now a complete family of modules - CANEA ONE - which has been disseminated and recognized internationally.

Together with management consultants and training, we have created what can truly be called comprehensive solutions. Our span is, so to speak, also our cutting edge!


Practise what
we preach

From day one, CANEA has been run by employees who are themselves active in the business. Some spend their days thinking about what IT solutions of the future will enable and require. Others lead a training course one day and are on consulting assignments the next. What we have in common is that we keep abreast of market needs and our client's realities in the exciting intersection between strategy and implementation. Always responsive to what our clients need, not just what they ask for. The day we stop listening, being curious and evolving ourselves, is when we should do something else.



CANEA is founded in Gothenburg, Sweden. We build process-oriented business systems and provide training in quality.

The Stockholm office opens. We add consultancy services and training in the environment.



We start developing and selling IT solutions for management systems, eventually also project management.

We start offering consultancy services and training courses in Strategy. 



Version 1.0 of CANEA Framework - now CANEA ONE - is launched using Lotus Notes technology.

We complement this with consulting services and training courses in project management and become a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.



The web-based generation 2.0 of CANEA Framework, based on Microsoft.NET, is released.

Our Malmö office opens.



We become ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and start working with our first overseas IT partner.

Lean training courses are launched.



Our courses attract over 3000 participants. We are unique in Sweden in offering approved project management training courses to support PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2 certification.

CANEA Framework is renamed CANEA ONE. We have over 10 international partners selling the CANEA ONE software.



CANEA Strategy is launched together with Professor Robert S. Kaplan from Harvard.

Gartner calls CANEA ONE a leader. Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt training and consulting services are launched. Leadership initiatives in management and training are introduced.



CANEA celebrates 25 years as a company. At the same time, we set a record for turnover and reach 100 employees in Sweden.

We open an office in the US and expand our efforts in the US market with several new IT partners.



We completely renovate our headquarters in Gothenburg and launch a brand new website.

We open an office in Denmark and expand our efforts in the Dansih market.


Some of our clients over the years

Since starting we have helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient and profitable. Here are some examples of valued customers we’ve helped.

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For 30 years, we've been helping companies and organizations improve. Contact our sales representatives for pricing or to get more material on CANEA's methodology for creating live and effective management systems that meet all the requirements of various standards.