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We strive to offer world-class lecturers. Therefore, we have stringent qualification regulations with requirements that their knowledge is current and based on real experience.

Christer Hellstrand_sv_low

Christer Hellstrand

Christer has worked as a consultant and trainer at CANEA since 1994. He is a much appreciated coach and has supported many management groups’ strategy development. You will mainly come across Christer when attending training courses related to strategy, process and quality development or leadership.

Nicolas ter Wisscha_sv_low

Nicolas ter Wisscha

Nicolas works with strategy, management systems and rationalization at CANEA and has worked in these areas since the beginning of the 2000s. You will meet Nicolas when attending training within project management, processes and management systems.

Tobiaz Juneberg_sv_low

Tobiaz Juneberg

Tobiaz came to CANEA 2018 with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is familiar with working across the whole value chain, from concept to delivery. Over the years, Tobiaz has worked within both small family firms and large international companies with a global market.

Ola Eklöf

Ola Eklöf

Ola has long experience as a project manager, consultant, change leader, advisor/coach and a highly-rated trainer of both management and employees, at all levels. You will meet Ola when attending project management training courses.

Erik Westerberg

Erik Westerberg

Erik works with consultancy assignment and training within management systems, rationalization and project management. Erik is both a PMP certified project manager and an IRCA registered Lead Auditor. He often works internationally in English and German. You will meet Erik on training courses regarding strategy, processes and management systems.

Leif Nyström

Leif Nyström

Leif has vast experience of strategy development, project steering as well as organizational and operational development. You will meet Leif on training courses regarding rationalization, project management and management systems.

Karl Hedman_sv_kv_red

Karl Hedman

Karl works with project management, process development, process rationalization, business system implementation, audits, management systems and business strategies. You will meet Karl when attending training courses regarding auditing, project management and processes.

Moa Landström_sv_kv_red

Moa Landström

Moa is one of our management consultants in Stockholm and is more than happy to spend her free time in the mountains. In her work, Moa is very structured, committed and analytical and has a great interest in, and knowledge of, environmental and sustainability issues.

Annica Ho_sv_kv_red

Annica Ho

Annica is a very driven management consultant with a multi-year background from the pharmaceutical industry. She has been active mainly in quality and process development for processes such as distribution, quality and compliance.


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