Transportation and Logistics

Build a strong foundation for the future of logistics in the management system.

CANEA ONE is a user- friendly system that creates a common thread from strategies and plans to operations.

The transportation and logistics sector is ever changing. Business models are evolving, e-commerce is growing rapidly and customers' demands for efficient transport and on-time delivery are increasing. At the same time, sustainability and climate change are important issues for all players in the industry. A well-functioning management system creates the right conditions for you to offer tomorrow's competitive logistics solutions.


Simplify everyday life through efficient document, process and workflow management. Gain full control over non-conformances, complaints and governing documents by configuring CANEA ONE according to your needs. The system allows you to set up each employee to handle only those processes that are key to their role


Digitise your processes

Well-functioning processes require flexibility: it must be possible to adapt and change case flows continuously. With CANEA Workflow you can freely control flows according to your needs. In the transportation and logistics industry, improvements to case flows in complaints, deviations, audits and risks are often particularly important.

Continuous improvement work

With CANEA ONE, you can easily follow up your cases at a detailed level. In the case view, you choose to display the information that is important to you. There is also a built-in analysis engine where all information can be analyzed in graphs or export templates. The analytics engine is easy to configure and can be placed on dashboards to give you complete visibility and control over your processes in real time.

Customized and proven support

CANEA ONE provides you with a user-friendly and complete support for the needs of the logistics and transportation industry. There are convenient features for handling local and global complaints, as well as for deviations. We currently help companies in all transportation sectors: Road transport, Rail transport, Shipping and Aviation.

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Challenges in transportation & logistics

Companies in the transportation and logistics industry face major challenges in terms of climate and environmental issues. Customers have high demands for more environmentally-friendly transport options, which in turn requires companies to have well-functioning processes in a quality-assured management system. Certification is also becoming increasingly important in order to be able to pursue quality improvement and demonstrate awareness of the situation.

Another challenge is the increasing share of e-commerce. Consumers today have high expectations in terms of time and quality, and if these expectations are not met, they often direct their dissatisfaction at logistics companies. As a result, transport companies are faced with an increasing stream of complaints about delays, damaged goods or poor communication. Smooth and efficient workflow management is the key to meeting this challenge. 

CANEA’s solution

To run your business efficiently, and at the same time improve it, you need a business-driven management system. Instead of the traditional, requirements-driven view of management systems, we give you a platform to work in a more business-driven way, focusing on employees, working methods, and continuous improvement. CANEA ONE is ideal for the transportation and logistics industry, thanks to flexible solutions for complaint management, deviation management, and document management, among other things.

CANEA ONE is designed to be quick to get up and running, easy to use and simple to maintain. The system comes with ready-made and integrated functions for managing strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents. All elements of the system can be configured to match your processes and easily changed as your business changes. It gives you a good overview of how your processes currently look, how things are going and what needs to change to improve your organization.


CANEA ONE is a complete business support system for both strategic planning and operations.

The management of governing documents like procedures, checklists, forms, policies and templates is crucial to meeting the industry's requirements for accessible information. With CANEA ONE, you get efficient document management in a lifecycle perspective, with full control over review flows, roles and requirement-specific metadata. In addition, you have good searchability and traceability, as well as the ability to set rights and access. Your employees only see the documents they are authorized to see - and always the right versions.

With CANEA ONE, you can create digital checklists tailored to your company's needs and requirements. This allows you to confidently ensure compliance with both legal requirements and your company's own rules. In addition, it is possible to link deviation and complaint management, as well as improvement suggestions with audit management. So you can work efficiently with continuous improvement and have full control over who is responsible for what action and when it should be completed.

By mapping and describing processes, a picture emerges of 'how' things are done, what improvements are possible and where there is a need for collaboration with others. Using our system, you can easily model, communicate and make the processes clickable in hierarchies so that everyone understands. The simplicity of the process tool makes it easy to update, measure and manage your processes. In addition, you can link to documents and document views so that employees can easily access the right version of documents.

By digitizing and creating executable processes, you get better management and visibility. You can create customized case and complaint work flows that automate the procedure and ensure that handover is done properly and with the right information. You can also create integrations that send complaints, for example, from the external web directly to the workflow management system in CANEA ONE.

Employees are able to access documents and checklists whether they are sitting at a computer or connected via their mobile or tablet. With CANEA ONE, you get access to the right documents at the right time - no matter where you are.

I knew from the start what I wanted from the system and what needed to be reported. But, to start with, I didn't understand exactly how it would turn out in the end. It’s great that the system is so configurable. We can adapt it easily to match our processes, its phases, forms and rules, but also follow-up functions, such as views and e-mail notifications. Many of the benefits of the system have only become clear to us after implementation, and as we learn the system we understand the extent to which we can use it."

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