Information security is the foundation of all operations

Systematize and structure the organization's information security work using CANEA ONE.

Continued digitization requires information security

Information security includes all information, regardless of format and medium, such as protection of intangible assets, IT and cyber security. Business-critical information must be accurate, confidential, and accessible to relevant stakeholders in order to meet the criteria for information security.

Estimates show that 70–85 % of corporate assets are digital. In a world where data and information are stored digitally, the ability to manage, control and secure it becomes increasingly important. The organizations that manage their digital information best will outperform comparable businesses, everything else equal.

In other words, organizations that work strategically with information security can gain advantages such as increased competitiveness, fewer disruptions to socially critical services or higher patient safety. In addition, the working environment will be both better and safer.

But security comes at a cost, so it is important to have both a relevant digital strategy and access to the right tools and skills. To achieve that, you need to identify what is worth protecting and what type of information and data that is business critical. Over the years, CANEA has helped various types of organizations within a range of industries to secure their mission-critical information.

Common information security deficiencies

Over the years, we have come into contact with organizations that have faced a number of challenges, such as:


How to comply with laws and regulations.


Low awareness or poor control and lack of structure in the work with information security.



Organizations that have performed work in the area but not been certified according to ISO 27001.


External consultants who know the theory around information security, but do not understand the customer's system or vice versa – the customer's system experts who do not know the theory.


Lack of recurring follow-up and evaluation of the existing management system for information security.


The risk of cyber-attacks.

CANEA's competence and ability to guide the establishment of the structure of the system is something we have not experienced with previous suppliers. I highly recommend CANEA ONE to other Life Science organizations that need e-signatures, reading receipts and traceability. The system is flexible when needed and robust when necessary.

The management system that facilitates work with information security

Our solution to the challenges of working with information security, and what makes us unique compared to our competitors, is the user-friendly management system platform CANEA ONE.

Risks are central when working with information security. CANEA ONE ensures that the work is carried out systematically and with an overall view based on best practice so that no security gaps are left open.

For those who want to be certified according to ISO 27001, it is important to demonstrate maturity regarding the controls mentioned in the standard's appendix A. CANEA ONE makes it easy to keep an overview and work systematically on the maturity of all controls in a transparent and traceable way.

A correct overview ensures that the information assets are handled with the right security and according to legal requirements. Associated risks, measures and possible suppliers are then linked to each asset so that the work to protect the asset is made visible.

Supplier contacts represent a potential vulnerability, which makes the integrated management with clear follow-up in CANEA ONE extra important. The management of security regarding suppliers is naturally incorporated with the other management of information linked to them such as audits, assessments, etc. This ensures that an overall assessment is made based on the complete needs of the organization and that duplication of work is thus avoided.

Information security increases significantly with a well-planned and implemented onboarding of new personnel, so that they gain increased knowledge and awareness right from the start. And conversely, when personnel leave the organization, the offboarding needs to be done just as systematically, so that important security gaps are not accidentally left open. Both processes are supported by customized case flows in CANEA Workflow.
CANEA ONE supports the joint work of establishing a reliable continuity plan. When it is updated, automatic notifications are sent out to affected stakeholders. The system ensures that it is easy to follow up on whether the stakeholders have received and understood the information.

Part of a comprehensive system

CANEA ONE has five user-friendly modules. They can be used independently, but together they form a comprehensive system for effective business management that connects strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents.

Customer benefits

  • Business-critical information and assets are identified.
  • The business's risks are inventoried and managed in a structured way, which also applies to the risk and consequences of a cyber-attack.
  • The requirements of ISO27001 are met, and compliance is regularly managed, which increases business opportunities.
  • The register of information assets contributes to compliance with GDPR, for example, because it is easy to keep track of where different types of personal data are stored. It will thus be easier to fulfill the requirement to be able to delete all information about a certain person if he or she so wishes.
  • Standardized working methods, control over where information is stored, and who owns it, traceability and overview are benefits that arise automatically.
  • KPIs are followed up and visualized with the Risk Management Dashboard.
  • Governing documents are created and made available with powerful lifecycle management.
    Onboarding and offboarding of personnel can be carried out in a structured way.
  • Supplier assessment is carried out in a uniform manner and is regularly followed up so that the risks are kept low.

This is how we ensure the delivery of the customer benefits:

  • CANEA ONE provides a coherent and educational approach to the management system, which increases the understanding of the work with information security.
  • CANEA ONE is a secure IT solution that can be easily adapted to the current organization's needs.
  • CANEA ONE is implemented quickly and efficiently thanks to our experienced consultants.
  • CANEA ONE is built to be easy to manage and keep up to date, which means that management becomes a natural and living part of the employees' everyday life and not a separate system.

We know how to protect organizations

In order to secure the management of an organization's information assets, the work methods must be adapted to the organization's needs and situation with respect to, for example, resources and activities. We have many years of experience in helping organizations improve this and offer not only IT software, but also knowledge in the form of training courses and management consultants.

Some of our customers

Since the start, we have helped hundreds of organizations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of customers using CANEA ONE.

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