Smart project management - a success factor

All the thought can be put into the task at hand, rather than into unclear procedures that waste time and money.

Avoid the
stress of
delivery times and exceeding budgets

Do you have perfect insight into your projects and full control of your progress? If not, you're far from alone. Many people find it difficult to keep up to date with the situation and therefore act on problems far too late or take decisions on the wrong basis. 

When working on a project, it is common for important information to be scattered across different formats, locations and systems. Having to search for files - such as a PDF requested by a client - can lead to both frustration and unnecessary costs.

Another common problem is the lack of a well-established project model, which leads to project managers developing their own ways of working, which becomes confusing when working in different constellations. In addition to exceeding both delivery time and budget, this often leads to poorer results.

We give you the tools you need to run projects that deliver the desired results on time and on budget.

Three keys to successful projects

Generally speaking, we tend to say that there are three basic factors that determine whether an organisation can become better at project management. They are a combination of working method, competence and tools. Mistakes can always happen, but with these elements in place, projects are far more likely to succeed.


Working method

Implementation is continuously improved with our project management model as it draws on experience, plans and documents from previous projects. This means improved delivery, fewer problems and fewer errors. Read more.

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We have a broad training program for project managers and offer certification in PMP, IPMA and Prince2. With 30 years of experience and over 4000 participants per year, we are a training company to be reckoned with. 

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CANEA Project is a smart tool kit that can be used to initiate, plan, manage, implement and close projects. It reduces the cost of project administration and manual work and facilitates collaboration and communication.

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CANEA Project is extremely intuitive. We are in the process of transitioning to a more project-mature organisation, so a system that was a burden could easily have slowed us down. But fortunately, that has not been the case - quite the opposite!

A full-featured project tool

CANEA Project is based on the world standard A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge and is designed to support all types of projects. It is scalable and flexible, so there is great scope for adapting it to an organisation's needs and size. It also makes it easy for staff to understand and apply the ways of working. Users get their own project portal where they can keep up to date and manage everything that concerns them.

The project's meeting place and digital bulletin board. Keep track of the project's progress, activities and documents in one place. This is also the social communication channel.

Digitised project model with gate-keeping functionality. Provides excellent support for running projects according to agreed work methods, phases, templates and other governance.

Easily collect and share all project documentation online, both internally and externally. Easily upload files with drag and drop and get support for version management, templates and smart search features.

Create calculations, budget and forecast all project costs down to detailed level. Support for multiple cost perspectives and accrual of costs in different ways.

Clear plans with activities, resources and milestones. Choose from several different planning perspectives to suit your project's needs. Plan seamlessly in Gantt charts with drag and drop technology.

Get an overview by reporting on progress in terms of finance, time, risk and quality. Situation with traffic lights and support for Earned Value. The status reports provide great insight for all those involved in a project.

Learn from previous projects. Create template projects to support new projects. Templates for activity structures that guide project processes and implementation at any level of detail.

Part of a
comprehensive system

CANEA Project is one of five user-friendly modules in our CANEA ONE platform. The modules can be used as stand-alone modules and together form a comprehensive system for efficient business management; linking strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents.

Projekthantering, projekthanteringssystem

CANEA knows project management

We have been developing project activities since 1997 and offer not only a complete project tool, but also knowledge in the form of training and skilled consultants. By combining CANEA Project with an effective project workflow and skilled project managers, you have everything you need to run successful projects.

Some of our clients

Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of organisations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of what we've worked on so far.

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