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Through digitalisation, training and proven methodology, we create the conditions for increased transparency, reduced administration and more systematic work in the public sector.

When we created CANEA ONE, user-friendliness was one of our most important principles - because the key to a well-functioning management system is that all employees in the organisation feel confident and knowledgeable to perform and develop their tasks.

Efficiency through digitalisation

Benefits of using CANEA ONE for both strategic planning and operational activities: Better governance, less time spent on administration, more time for business and citizens.

Everyday support

CANEA ONE is an easy-to-use and intuitive management system that supports laws and regulations. It is also easy to manage.

Continuous improvement work

Together with municipalities, state and county councils, we have created effective management systems and working methods with systematic improvement work. Through the right combination of methodology, skills and tools, the changes are lasting.

Streamlined working methods

Increase your ability to deliver great projects with project models, portfolio management and all project information in one place. Automate the procedure and ensure that handover is done properly and with the right information.

They already use CANEA ONE

We have extensive experience working in the public sector and have successfully delivered over 300 CANEA ONE implementation projects,
including several to the country's municipalities and county councils. Please look at our use cases.

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Challenges in
the public sector

Digitalisation is in full swing. At the same time, Sweden is facing a major challenge linked to demographic trends, as fewer people have to support more people. Major rationalization is needed, and it is feasible if we combine the opportunities offered by digitalization with new ways of working. 

Through improved decision support, automation and smarter information management, you can free up resources to where they're needed most - to create more value and business benefit.  

CANEA’s solution

We developed CANEA ONE to support the business development and digitalisation of municipalities, county councils and regions. It is designed entirely from a management systems perspective - built to support and connect strategic planning and operational activities in a unique way. 

The system helps you transform into a more digital organization with efficient information flows, better support and governance, and increased transparency including involvement of politicians, employees and citizens.

Developed with 20 years of experience in management systems, CANEA ONE is designed to be quick to get up and running, easy to use and simple to maintain. It comes with fully integrated features for strategic business and activity planning, project management, document and workflow management and e-services, among others.

More about CANEA
and the public sector


CANEA ONE is a complete business support system for both strategic planning and operations.

Each employee can see his or her role in its entirety, as well as get to know the organization's working methods and the results you want to achieve. Our IT support provides easy access and efficient management of all governing documents like procedures, checklists, forms, policies and templates.

The project tool creates control over all your investments and development projects, where it is easy to see progress, resources and prioritise among all projects It enables a standardised project approach with smart functionality for managing project models, gates, templates and decisions. It is also easy to communicate and involve external contractors in the project.

By mapping and describing processes, a picture emerges of 'how' things are done, what improvements are possible and where there is a need for collaboration with others. Using our system, you can easily model, communicate and make the processes clickable in hierarchies so that everyone understands. The simplicity of the process tool makes it easy to update, measure and manage your processes.

Through initiatives, activities, processes and ways of working, the strategy is uniquely linked to operations. Digitise the entire governance model by creating and communicating the strategy and vision visually. Clarify and monitor long-term objectives and associated balanced scorecards with KPIs for e.g. citizens, finance, employees and processes.

The e-services feature facilitates dialog and interaction with citizens and external parties. Examples of e-services we supply are viewpoint management, orders, building permits, notifications, management of the rental process and other administrative processes. The system makes it easier for everyone to interact in the process, reduces hassle and administration, and improves compliance and overview of the process.

Get full control and good traceability of all your personnel agreements, confidentiality agreements, supplier agreements, rental agreements, etc. CANEA ONE gives you a consolidated overview of all agreements and notifies you when they need to be followed up with alerts and reminders. The system also controls who can view and modify contracts with permissions, while providing you with complete version and change history that is directly traceable with electronic signatures. Also supports contract templates with pre-filled texts.

I don't think anyone really believed that the introduction could be achieved in such a short time. CANEA has been very flexible, and we felt that we got great help all the way through.

Some of our clients

Since starting we have helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient and profitable. Below are some examples of who we have worked with so far.


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