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Development where you own challenges is the focal point, not theories or concepts.

Implementing strategies and plans in practice is often difficult, both for a small unit and for a larger organization. By getting the people involved, strategies can be realized both smoother and faster.

Our way of working with leadership development and change management is based on years of our own practical leadership experience where we have learned how we in a simple way, together with our customers, select and adapt the development efforts. Regardless of whether we work with management team development, whether you are part of our tailor-made leadership development, or have signed up for one of our leadership training courses, you will have to work with your own practical leadership challenges.


Together, we develop your leadership so that it becomes both attractive and effective.

With experienced leadership consultants, we work closely with our customers to define, clarify and strengthen organizational culture as well as the practical leadership skills for managers and leaders. Our managerial support provides:
Insights that trigger change
Concrete behavioral changes
Tools you pass on in your own organization
More efficient implementation

For more than 25 years, we have helped companies improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


CANEA helps our customers achieve

  • Effective management teams that use each other's competencies, have consensus and communicate for joined efforts, instead of monitoring their own area of ​​responsibility and have weak relationships.

  • Organizational efficiency by developing supportive structures and a culture that unleashes the potential of the business, instead of energy leakage where strategies and conditions are contradictory.

  • Trusting leadership and employees with a focus on contributing to the business' development and realization of strategies, instead of ineffective detailed management and unjustified control.

  • High-performing team where everyone together develops the group's abilities and create results, instead of weak commitment where all responsibility lies with the manager.

  • Insights through active learning that create individual security and ownership for changes in attitudes, behaviors and actions, instead of uncertainty and passivity in personal responsibility and development.

  • Collaborative leadership through a development process that engages, creates learning and yields concrete results, instead of unwillingness to change that hinders necessary development.

Our components for Leadership development

Leadership is a complete concept that consists of various components. We combine selected components for an optimal solution tailored to your needs.
Management team development
Tailor made development programs for managers and leaders
Coaching for CEO and managers
Tailor made programs in Change Management
High-performance teams
Change manager/coach
Enterprise Change Management
Mentorship for all management levels
Leadership platform
Definition and implementation of a common organizational culture
Value based organization
Organizational change

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.