Leadership development

As a leader, the focus should be on your own challenges - not theories or concepts. 

Leadership that builds trust, commitment and results

Being a leader is largely about creating commitment for goals and tasks and organizing work to achieve the best results. To succeed, you need to develop knowledge and skills that interact with your operation's strategies, processes, organization and culture.  

Our approach to leadership development and change management is based on years of practical experience in leadership, where we have learned how to select and tailor efforts together with you, the client. You'll be working on your own challenges, whether we're working on leadership development, you're taking part in our bespoke leadership development or you've signed up to one of our open leadership training courses.  

We give you concrete tools that you adapt to your circumstances. This develops trust and confidence in you as a leader. Together, we create leadership that contributes to change - in the business, the culture and in you.  


Together we create an attractive and effective leadership

We work closely with you as a client to define, clarify and strengthen both the organizational culture and the practical leadership skills of managers and leaders. Our management and leadership support provides:


All change starts with self-insight and a willingness to develop.

Powerful tools

We provide you with tools to strengthen your confidence as a leader.

Changed behaviour

Together, we develop leadership for change.

Higher goal achievement

With all the pieces in place, you'll be able to streamline your change efforts and increase your results.

Working method

Realistic, personalized and challenging

We combine our own leadership experience with methods that take your needs into account. You can work with your own challenges and opportunities, because we know that when you can connect insights and tools to your own everyday life the impact is both strong and lasting.

Long and accumulated experience in leadership development

Our consultants have extensive experience of leading in various positions and training in leadership; some in management teams with strategic decision-making, others as project managers for complex change projects. Our work is based on our collective experience of what it takes to be a good leader and what it takes for strategies, management systems and projects to work well in practice.

Some of our clients

Our components for development of leadership and management
Change leadership

Whether it's implementing a new system, new procedures or reducing costs, it requires a change in thinking and working methods. It requires planning and management.

Management team development

Part of the Leadership skills area, this is a frequently used tool for the development of an organization's management function, but also for culture transformation or strategy work. 

Leadership development

This is about combining personal development, where you become aware of your own motivations and how you are perceived by your environment, with training in relevant models and methods.

Coaching for CEOs, managers and specialists

Professional coaching and mentoring provide new insights and perspectives on challenges, whether personal or part of leadership. Which in turn increases decision-making and collaboration skills and confidence in you as a leader. 

Team development

A team depends on a shared vision of its mission, the cooperation of its members and, not least, trust in each other and respect for decisions taken. When all this is in place, the power of the team is enormous.

Cultural movement

Several studies show the link between profitability and a culture that supports a business strategy.

Some figures highlighting our operations

We always measure the results of our efforts - otherwise how can we improve ourselves? Below are some figures that give you an indication of who we are.


Percentage of our consultants with more than 10 years of experience.


Share of our clients who feel that CANEA has created lasting value.


Share of our clients who consider our consultants to have good knowledge, good analytical skills and insight into the conditions of their business. 


Is the average rating we receive for course assessments.

We are into our third year of improvement work, with support from CANEA, which has led to us having improved profits of 10 - 12 MSEK during the period.
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