Audits – making
sure it went as planned

A golden opportunity to improve as an organization, whether it's an internal audit, supplier audit, government audit, certification audit or project audit.

Powerful tool for
increased competitiveness

To succeed in a highly competitive market, you need to be forward-looking, adaptive, creative and willing to learn from your mistakes. Because mistakes, sub-optimizations or oversights are almost impossible to avoid when delivering complex products or services.

An audit is not about apportioning blame or singling out individual employees. On the contrary. It is about identifying requirements that are not being met, what in the individual processes or procedures is causing the shortcomings and where there is the greatest potential for improvement.  
For example, if the management system is certified to a standard such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or ISO 50001, the certification body will expect clear planning of the audits and comprehensive reporting with proposed actions.

Corrective and preventive proposals are assessed, implemented and followed up in a structured way and resource persons are engaged and kept informed. A well-functioning management system such as CANEA ONE is a great help.


It is often difficult to get audit activities accepted and integrated as a natural improvement tool. It often becomes a separate workshop where different types of audits are handled in different "islands", which becomes cumbersome, time-consuming and difficult to manage.

This in turn makes it difficult to get both an overall picture of the business and a deeper understanding of the state of affairs. The audit becomes more of a fire-fighting exercise for the moment and less of an implementation of long-term corrective or improvement actions. And monitoring of results is often forgotten.

CANEA ONE is an important tool in daily operations, including work with controls, audits and work with deviations.

Why you should choose CANEA

CANEA has extensive experience in designing and digitizing audit processes that optimize a particular business, comply with current standards and meet management system requirements. We tailor both the working method and the management system to each organization's circumstances and needs.

But we are not happy "just" providing consultancy support and IT solutions. We go through the digitized methods in our training courses such as Internal Audit 9001, Internal Audit 27001, Internal Audit IATF 16949, Health and Safety Audit 45001 and Lead auditor.

Customer benefits

Smart audit management:

  • Facilitates the planning and execution of all types of audits regardless of standard or regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures that the whole is covered and all requirements are met.
  • Facilitates the detection of deficiencies and the implementation of measures and improvements.
  • Facilitates involvement of relevant parties and dissemination of information via e-mail.
  • Makes it easy to create a structured and transparent audit report with just a few clicks.
  • Reduces administration and wasted time as everything is in one place with a clear division of responsibilities, reminders and alerts.
  • Provides a deeper understanding of the root causes and consequences of collecting and analyzing data.

An easy-to-use and flexible audit management system

CANEA Workflow is a tool that automates, quality assures and speeds up workflow processes. It simplifies reporting and gathers all types of deviations in one place. For example, internal deviations, audit deviations, supplier deviations, product deviations and more.
Analyses, statistics and reports in CANEA Workflow give you an unbeatable overview of your processes. You can easily see what is going on at any given time, what is delayed, what is prioritized, who is responsible, etc. No more cases falling through the cracks and you always have a correct decision basis.


Helps you plan all types of audits. Get support with digital checklists and templates and gather all planning in one place in the tool. Get notifications and reminders.

The system gives you a good overview of all planned, ongoing and completed audits - categorized and sorted by need. Create optional views showing alerted, delayed or prioritized audits.

Digitizes the management of all non-conformities, observations and improvements linked to the audits in a structured way. Facilitates the reporting, management and follow-up of all audit-related issues.
The tool facilitates collaboration within the audit team and with all those responsible for action and follow-up. All information, sub-cases, files and communications are gathered in the audit cases for easy access, immediately and in the future.
It is easy to communicate directly in the tool and e-mails can be linked to the cases both manually and automatically. Attaching files to audits is easy and exporting audit information to ready-made export templates for external correspondence is straightforward.
Follow-up of audits is supported by the built-in analysis engine. All audit and observation data can be analyzed. Create reports and diagrams showing costs, error codes, severity levels, product categories etc., to provide more insights and better decision support.

Part of a
comprehensive solution

CANEA Workflow is one of five user-friendly modules that make up our CANEA ONE platform. The modules can be used as stand-alone modules and together form a comprehensive system for efficient business management; linking strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents.


An integrated and user-friendly system

The advantage of fully integrating audit management with the management system and target management is that it makes it easier to monitor KPIs and targets and to find or link to the relevant documents in the management system that are affected by any non-conformities.

The system is configured directly in the browser using easy-to-use menus. Form layout, settings, flows, business logic and rules are set according to your own preferences and the conditions of the process in question. It does not require any IT skills and can be managed on a routine basis even by infrequent users.

Well-designed views provide an immediate overview of pending, delayed or prioritized cases. Reporting can be done via a mobile interface, which can handle attached images, and an analysis engine helps to clarify correlations and draw conclusions.


CANEA knows
audit management

To be successful in audit management, the way you work needs to be adapted to your organization's needs and situation in terms of, for example, resources, activities, information and key figures. We have many years of experience in managing audits and offer not only full IT support, but also knowledge in the form of training and skilled consultants.

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Canea has helped hundreds of organizations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of what we've worked on so far.

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For 30 years, we've been helping businesses prepare for  Audits - to make sure they turn out the way they were meant to a golden opportunity to improve as an organization, whether it's an internal audit, supplier audit, government audit, certification audit or project audit.