Good risk management prevents crisis management

Most decisions and actions are associated with risks, especially those that involve just going about your business as usual.  

What is a risk?

One or more events or circumstances that, if they occur, are likely to affect the performance of the business.

There are several types of risk:

  • External risks
  • Strategic risks
  • Project risks
  • Process risks
  • Supplier risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Work environment risks
  • Information security risks 

The danger of too
rudimentary risk management

Organizations often lack both systematic and knowledge-based risk management. It may be carried out by an inexperienced person, which can lead to the management being perceived as an administrative burden that adds no direct benefit. And unexpected problems that arise are dealt with by fire-fighting, resulting in unnecessary delay, stress and frustration. All this can be prevented by effective risk management combined with effective action.  

Some basic principles for more effective risk management

A holistic approach is needed to coordinate risk management across an organization so that different parts do not do things differently. Centralized and systematic risk management increases participation and puts risk management higher on the agenda. By controlling and "automating" the management of incidents, it is possible to continuously improve working practices. Finally, the impact of risk management should be measured in order to justify the costs in both the short and long term. 

We are into our third year of continuous improvement, with support from CANEA, which has led to us having increased profits of 10 - 12 MSEK during the period.

How we work with
risk management

We always take a holistic approach to risk management, which is an integral part of our CANEA ONE management system support. It is easy to manage and adapt to the varying needs of your business. The system provides case management with support for, for example, the mini-risk approach, SWOT, FMEA and different types of root cause analysis, depending on the method or approach chosen.

The system also supports risk management from a life cycle perspective. In this way, risk management is integrated into the daily work and does not become a one-off event that is only done for show.

Risks can be identified at any time and must be easy to record. Take a picture with your mobile phone and record the risk or enter risks you have identified in a meeting.
The methodology for assessment may differ, but the system supports your approach whether you are doing a simple assessment or a more advanced one. The important thing is that you have good compliance and your staff are well supported.
The system allows you to plan actions related to the risk. Both short-term and long-term actions can be planned, with responsibilities and timetables linked to them.
All risks and actions can be easily monitored and followed up in real time in views. Choose any filtering, sorting and categorization to get an optimal overview.
CANEA ONE allows you to analyze all the information and actions that can be linked to the risks. Clear diagrams create an understanding and visualization of the information in terms of status, numbers, risk values, costs etc. 
The simplicity of configuring forms, flows and logic in the system gives you support for exactly the way you work; plus all types of risk management can be brought together in one system.

Risk management process

Our approach is based on the international standard ISO 31000 - Risk management - principles and guidelines. 

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Our main advantages

  • We bring all kinds of risk management together in one solution.
  • CANEA ONE is flexible and can be easily adapted to the varying needs of different businesses.
  • Risk management is integrated into the management system, which makes the measures we propose more effective.
  • Risk management will be naturally linked to the long-term work on overall objectives through the CANEA Strategy.
  • We are sharper than many of our competitors at compliance - for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and many other standards and industry requirements.  

The main benefits
for you as a customer

  • Organizations that recognize risks, and provide adequate resources for risk management, protect themselves against uncertainty, increase the security of employees and increase their chances of continued success.
  • Reduce downtime, losses and unnecessary expenses.
  • Better impact of risk mitigation measures with an integrated management system with built-in reminders for follow-up.
  • Easier to demonstrate to stakeholders and authorities that the organization is proactive and meets the relevant requirements.

Part of a
comprehensive system

CANEA ONE has five user-friendly modules. The modules can be used independently, but together they form a comprehensive system for effective business management, linking strategies, projects, processes, workflows and documents.


CANEA knows
risk management

To be successful in risk management, the way you work needs to be adapted to your organization's needs and situation in terms of resources, activities, information and key figures, for example. We have many years of experience in managing risks and offer not only full IT support, but also knowledge in the form of training and skilled consultants.

Some of our clients

Canea has helped hundreds of organizations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of what we've worked on so far.

Want to know what we can do for you?

For 30 years we have helped organizations Prevent crisis management with good risk management. Most decisions and actions are associated with risks, especially those that involve just going about your business as usual.