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Meet the future's requirements and expectations with an integrated management system

CANEA ONE is a complete digital business support for integrated management of all parts of the management system - fully adapted for energy companies. 

Environmental concerns, digitalization and security set the framework for most of what we do today. However, many companies and organizations are facing a new era. Stricter regulations on both sustainability and environmental impact are combined with accelerating digitalization. At the same time, meeting government requirements for information security for socially important functions poses completely new demands - not least for municipal energy companies.

CANEA ONE helps you to be ready today to meet these requirements in an integrated management system, built from the ground up for these very purposes.

The complete solution for your management system

Built to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001, for example, CANEA ONE enables broad engagement in a live management system.

Easy to meet requirements

The system's clear structure and governance will help you meet the requirements of the Archives Act, GDPR, the Public Access and Secrecy Act and the NIS Directive. 

Proven support to suit you

Years of experience in meeting the needs of energy companies allow us to offer a customized and efficient system based on your specific needs. 


Systematic improvement work

Each employee and department works towards the common goals in a coordinated improvement process to achieve sustainable and measurable improvements.  

Reducing complexity - increasing ease of use

CANEA ONE brings all the information together in a single platform and presents it according to the role of the individual employee so that it is easy to understand. 

Efficiency through digitalization

Digitalization makes it easier for everyone to fully understand and follow processes and to quickly embrace change. Better governance, less administration and more time for business.

They already use CANEA ONE

CANEA ONE has a large number of satisfied users among the major players in the energy and environmental sector. Take a look at a few cases below. 

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What, when and why?

Whether it's waste management, recycling, broadband, TV, electricity grids, electricity trading, water, sewage, district heating production and distribution, wind power, solar energy or electric car charging, energy companies meet key parts of all our most important needs every day. With that, of course, comes a host of challenges. CANEA ONE is designed to minimize these by focusing on integrated management systems, transparency, regulatory requirements and divergent operations, among other things.

Integrated management systems  

Energy companies are facing increasing demands from employees and the public to digitize their operations. At the same time, quality, environmental and safety awareness is increasing. To meet these developments, many organizations want to certify themselves according to, for example, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, which in turn increases the need for uniform and integrated management systems. 


Increased demands for transparency and clear improvement work, not least from an environmental and sustainability perspective, place greater demands on having common systems that can coordinate changes. In addition, information must be collected and made visible. 

Government requirements

The need to protect sensitive information in systems is increasing. It is also increasingly important to ensure the privacy of citizens. In addition, the right data must be provided on request and within a reasonable time. Meeting the requirements of the Archives Act, the GDPR, the Public Access and Confidentiality Act and the NIS Directive is not easy.   

Divergent activities

Energy companies include a wide range of activities, each of which must meet the requirements in its own way. They should be allowed to be different, but also centrally coordinated so that they all meet the requirements and pull in the same direction.

And how?

We meet your challenges in a variety of ways.

We provide you with ONE integrated management system to help you meet the requirements of the various ISO standards. ISO14001 inventories and reports naturally coexist with risk management, supplier management and compliance with ISO27001 Appendix A. In addition, everything is found from the common interface and user role-based home pages. By naturally linking the requirements with, for example, the process and documents to which they belong, as well as the actions taken, compliance with the standards and passing an audit is easy.

Authority requirements are naturally met by the fact that the system is built from the ground up for this type of governance with traceability, searchability, role management and many other mechanisms. This ensures that the user gets the information needed and is entitled to see based on the information classification of the documents and, for example, the user's authorization, role and department.

The governing and supporting documents of the management system are supported throughout their life cycle. This includes, for example, controlled development workflow, versioning with change tracking, permission management, access, information classification, storage and disposition. Can also be used for diary keeping.

The ongoing improvement work is coordinated in a simple way through effective management of suggestions, audits, deviations and incidents so that each employee sees his or her part and how each can influence and contribute to the overall improvement work and then receive a receipt for the progress that is made

Your field staff will also be well supported by a responsive interface so they can get the information they need, and perform their tasks with ease, even when they're away from the office.

Our project tool provides the project team with a common collaboration space and a natural way to manage common working practices and ensure feedback. Both internal and external communication is naturally guided by the project. Change management in “ÄTOR (Ändrings- och Tilläggsarbeten)” (Changes and Additional work) is clearly controlled and ensures effective follow-up with contractors. Resource planning and financial monitoring across several projects, and over time, is also clear, making it easier to set the right priorities and to see how projects are progressing overall.

We have received fantastic feedback from users on the visualization of projects and the analysis tool with clear graphics.

Some of our clients

Since starting we have helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient and profitable. Below are some examples of who we have worked with so far. 


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