From vision to reality with effective performance management

Today's organisations need to be nimble - agile - and able to adjust their strategy as the world changes. But getting everyone on board is a big challenge. Strategy must be linked to day-to-day work if it is to succeed. 

Realize your strategies

There are countless strategies that are painstakingly developed and presented in a PowerPoint presentation, only to be forgotten after a few weeks. 
The problem is rarely the strategy itself, but that it is not embedded in the organisation. Common obstacles are unclear priorities and the creation of plans and activities that have no clear link to strategy and objectives. 

In addition to an overall framework and process for strategy work, a tool is needed to provide an overall picture of the business. To help break down the strategy into clear sub-objectives, so that everyone can focus on the activities that really contribute to the overall goal.  

The key to success does not lie in a strategy document, but depends on the will and commitment of employees. When everyone understands how the strategy relates to day-to-day operations and feels involved, the motivation and power of implementation increases. 

Performance management
- an iterative process

Performance management, like strategy development, is about trying to achieve a certain result, starting from the present, through operational plans. To be successful, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate the outcome of the changes implemented. If the result is not as expected, either the strategy, the operational plans or the goal, or a combination of these, must be changed.

  • Development of the strategy
  • Planning the implementation
  • Development of operational plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation
CANEA ONE will help us to get more commitment from our employees around our strategy, but above all a common thread and concrete ways of working that will further increase the chances of achieving our goals.

Break down the wall
between strategy and management systems

Digitise the strategy, bring it to life and create commitment by making clear its links to day-to-day operations with CANEA Strategy. The module has several smart features to break down goals, visualise and report, which helps to kick-start strategy work. Many systems can generate accurate data, but CANEA Strategy makes it easy to understand how it all fits together and what needs to be done, especially when used with the other modules in CANEA ONE. It makes it easy to find the right focus for your work. That is, maximum synergy is achieved when "What?" and "How?" are integrated by using several CANEA ONE modules at the same time:

  • The strategy breakdown is linked to the strategic initiatives and projects.
  • Corrective actions are driven in an integrated way with the goal work.
  • Strategic management system documentation is linked to the strategy.
  • Process goals are displayed in real time on process maps.

The image below is a schematic description of our proven methodology for implementing strategies and working with performance management in an organization.

Proven Methodology_2


Work on the goal structure and get a clear picture of how the vision will be achieved. Break down the strategy at several levels, for example by organisational unit.  

Key ratios are displayed as clear graphical charts and objects, so it's easy to follow operations - both in detail and at an overall level.

Initiate strategic initiatives and give management control over how they are executed, while allowing the project team to see how they contribute to the organisation achieving its goals.

The home page can be configured according to the logged-in user, making it easy and fast to get the information that concerns you.

If the strategy changes, or if a key performance indicator is not achieved, you can initiate actions that provide full process support, governance, traceability and follow-up of the work.

CANEA Strategy can be integrated so that the information for your KPIs is automatically retrieved, for example from your financial or production system.

CANEA Strategy
- part of a comprehensive solution

CANEA Strategy is one of five user-friendly modules that make up our CANEA ONE platform. The modules can be used independently, but together they form a comprehensive system for effective business management, linking strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents.


CANEA knows performance management

We specialise in how organisations can link their day-to-day work to the strategy to ensure they achieve their goals. Using our IT support and a well-thought-out framework for strategy work, we create a common thread all the way from strategy to implementation.

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