Improvement is good. Renewal is better.

that creates benefits

Transformations and development initiatives are initiated and driven to create benefits. To be successful, they need to be implemented in a structured way and take into account the human aspects.

A necessary transformation can be about innovation in different areas. It can be technological, skills-based, structural, strategic, capability-oriented, digital or organisational, to name but a few What needs to be focussed on varies from case to case, but one thing is common, the transformation should be a tangible change.

We are specialists in moving from thought to successful change in complex organisations. Our approach to project, program and portfolio management, change management and innovation ensures systematic and targeted management.

When you need development and renewal, we have the people and the methodology to make it happen.

6 benefits

Together we make your transformation structured and effective

For many years, we have successfully worked with companies across multiple industries to create and execute successful transformation approaches. Our clients have achieved higher project maturity and an increased ability to realise benefits from their renewal initiatives.

Our efforts provide:

Effective implementation

The transformation is carried out efficiently and with reference to the human aspects.  

Balanced use of resources

It is important to avoid sub-optimisation of resources and sub-processes.

Efficient working methods

A successful transformation is achieved through structured and developing working methods.

Benefit creation conditions

We lay the groundwork for continued benefit creation in future initiatives.

Optimised benefit

We contribute with a mix of initiatives that result in an optimised benefit.

Successful projects

Projects that meet deadlines, budgets and resource requirements become a natural part of the business for our clients.   

Konsult transformation
Working method

Customer-oriented, structured and
best practice

Successful transformations are a function of both the structural changes and the commitment of employees. All the methods and models we use are based on research and best practice.

Extensive experience in complex renewal projects

Our consultants have extensive experience from a range of industries in managing complex change projects such as transformations and in using methods such as project, portfolio and program management. Our work is based on our accumulated experience, the latest research and best practices. And we work closely with you, the client. Knowledge of your organisation's circumstances and the desired outcome of the change determines the direction and choice of method.

Our components for implementing transformations
Project Manager

We provide project management services for projects involving reorganisation, efficiency improvement, business development, centralisation or implementation of new mission-critical IT systems.


Project model

Our iterative project model provides a structure for how projects should be run, the roles needed for project management and templates to support project managers.


Change methodology

A well-defined and worked through change methodology provides a solid framework for involving and engaging employees rather than simply reacting with resistance to change.


Project maturity analysis

Operations with high project maturity show significantly better results in terms of projects that stay on budget, deliver on time and meet the requirements set.


Portfolio and program management

Portfolio management is about the selection, start-up, prioritisation, management, coordination and monitoring of projects, and program management is about managing related projects in programs so that resources and impacts can be coordinated.


Change analysis

A change analysis shows the level of change management to be applied and clarifies the appropriate approaches.


Change leadership

Whether it's implementing a new system, new procedures or reducing costs, it requires a change in thinking and working methods. It requires planning and management.


Agile Center of Excellence

A small, dedicated team of experts who implement an agile approach and who stay until the organisation has built up enough knowledge to take the work forward themselves. 


Virtual Project Office

We can provide a virtual, or outsourced, project office as a cost-effective alternative to an in-house project office.



Using a consensus of innovation, analysis of the organisation’s circumstances and innovation maturity we create recommendations and lay the foundation for successful innovation work.


Some of our clients

We are into our third year of improvement work, with support from CANEA, which has led to us having improved profits of 10 - 12 MSEK during the period.
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