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If your organization needs to change, we have the right people and the competence to implement it.

Transformations are initiated to ultimately reach a certain goal and to create some sort of benefit. To reach that benefit, all transformations and development efforts need to be handled in a structured way. We are specialists at implementing big changes in complex organizations.

Change and development must give notable effects. In order to get there, both the planning and the actual implementation must be systematic, and people oriented. Our approach to innovation, change management and project management guarantees both systematic and goal-oriented control of the transformation initiatives..



Together we make your transformation structured and effective

For many years, we have been working successfully alongside our customers creating and implementing well-functioning approaches to innovation, project management and change management. Through this, our customers achieve a higher level of maturity and better results in their operations. Our ways-of-working results in:
A mix of initiatives that provide optimized benefit
Effective implementation of the individual initiatives
Balanced resource usage
People who work in a structured and developing way
Conditions that create benefits and effects from the initiatives
Projects that meet deadlines and budgets and meet the set performance requirements

For more than 25 years, we have helped companies improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


CANEA helps our customers achieve

  • Changes that the affected stakeholder want to be involved in and where the results are actually used, rather than development work that is never fully implemented.

  • A mix of projects that together provide synergy effects and mutual benefits rather than projects that are run completely independently and thereby face the risk of interfering with and disrupting each other.

  • Innovative thinking and a systematic approach to creation and handling of ideas, avoiding mindsets like “don’t fix what’s not broken" or "it won’t work".

  • Results from projects that create the intended benefits and effects, so that "unnecessary" work is not carried out in the business.

  • Projects that meet deadlines and budgets as well as fulfill the set performance requirements, avoiding that the scope and costs grow uncontrollably, and important deliveries are missed.

  • A company-wide ability for handling constant change in an efficient and effective way, avoiding that costly change initiatives ends up creating stress in the organization.

Our components for Transformation that creates benefits

Transformation is a complete concept that consists of various components. We combine a number of components for an optimal solution for your needs.
Change analysis
Change management
Change manager/coach
Enterprise Change management
Project Manager
Project management model
Virtual project management office
Project maturity analysis
Project portfolio management
Program management
Innovation processes
Organizational development
Benefit measurements

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.