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CANEA helps organizations, companies and people reach their full potential.

At our disposal we have experienced management consultants, committed trainers and comprehensive IT solutions. However, since no two challenges are the same, we always start by listening to you as the client to get a picture of the situation. The present situation, combined with the desired outcome, creates the foundation of the action that we propose.

CANEA is a listening, learning and communicating organization. When you hire us, you benefit from the full range of our 30 years of combined experience in business development in various industries.

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Our philosophy

We live in an ever-changing world. Periods of barely perceptible change, hard enough to detect in time, are followed by disruptive paradigm shifts that fundamentally alter the way we relate to each other. This places great demands on companies, organizations and individuals. We provide you with the strategies, systems, working methods and the skills to optimize your business and ensure optimal results.


Our business concept

Our business concept is to realize the potential for improvement, in tangible terms, that exists in all businesses and to create commitment to the change process. We do this by analyzing, developing and implementing strategies, systems and skills for our customers. Which leads to quantifiable and lasting results in the form of increased efficiency and more satisfied stakeholders.

Our strengths

How we work

We always work from each corporation’s unique needs and use methods based on best practice. Our proprietary IT solutions are proven and have been used by companies in a range of industries. As the open knowledge company we are, we always complement our offer with relevant courses in organizational development for both individual employees and entire organizations.

We have:

  • Experienced management consultants.
  • Effective models and tools from an extensive methodology library.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use IT solutions.
    A wide range of relevant training courses.
  • A positive, professional and engaging approach.



Numbers that speak for themselves*

We always measure the results of our efforts. But it's important not to miss significant aspects that can't be measured and evaluated so easily. The ability to assess the more difficult-to-measure factors in an assignment, and to understand the limitations of different analysis and measurement tools, comes with increasing experience.


The proportion of our clients who feel that CANEA has created lasting value.


Our average rating across all our courses.


The proportion of our clients who consider our consultants to have good knowledge, good analytical skills and insight into the conditions of their business.


currently active installations of CANEA ONE.



*From CANEA's Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

We help growing organizations flourish

Measurable results

Continuous improvement produces measurable results in both the short and long term.

Proven methods

Our toolbox consists of a large library of methods based on research and best practice.

Realised strategy

A distinctive holistic approach is the basis for translating strategies into reality.

Lasting change

Trained and committed employees ensure that improvements are lasting.

CANEA and sustainability

We take society and the environment into account

We live in a time when our daily actions, large and small, our way of life, will define both our future and that of future generations. But together we can, and will, make a difference.
Our history

Key milestones in our development

We started as consultants but soon discovered that our clients needed relevant training in our specialist areas. The final piece of the puzzle in our offering fell into place when we started developing IT solutions for document and workflow management in the late 1990s.

Some of our clients

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