About us

We deliver comprehensive solutions

By combining consulting services, IT solutions and training.

Seamless collaboration

We create a working operations model- from strategy to operational reality and from analysis to implementation. And we tailor our deliverables to each client's unique situation so that both the big picture and the details work seamlessly.

Parts that form the whole

We live in an ever-changing world. Periods of barely perceptible change, hard enough to detect in time, are followed by disruptive paradigm shifts that fundamentally alter the way we relate to each other. This places great demands on companies, organizations and individuals. We provide you with the strategies, systems, working methods and the skills to optimize your business and ensure optimal results. 


Realistic methods and tools

We continuously gather information from the world around us, which we analyze to identify ideas, concepts and new solutions that we then progressively develop, test and incorporate into our portfolio of services and products. We have learned what works in practice and view the world through our customers’ eyes when assessing the benefits of our efforts. The results and conclusions are compiled in our method library, our training courses and IT solutions. They form the core of our knowledge and experience bank.


Skilled consultants

Our management consultants put knowledge and methods into practice. They have an eye for both the big picture and the details of an organization's environment, function and management. Many are certified in their field and all are skilled educators - this is a requirement for new hires. They place great emphasis on knowledge transfer in their assignments, as it ensures that the results of our efforts are lasting.


An easy-to-use management system

CANEA ONE is the management system that shortens the path from strategy and objectives to implementation and results by linking success factors and key performance indicators to the projects and processes of daily operations. In addition, it's so easy to use that even infrequent users can find their way around.


Relevant and engaging training

There are companies and organizations that relate to information in much the same way that Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy relates to Sauron's ring of power- they really don't want to share. With us, it's just the opposite; we're open and transparent and happy to share all the experience we've gained since we started in 1994. The only exception is specific information about our customers - where complete confidentiality applies. We do not share any client case studies without the client's consent.

Some of our clients

Over the years we have helped hundreds of organizations to achieve more effective and profitable operations.