We offer a wide range of services when implementing our IT solutions that provide the right support during the work with planning, implementation and support. Thanks to fast and competent implementation services, you benefit from your investment as early as possible.



As a customer, you can either install CANEA ONE on your own infrastructure, or let us take care of the operation. We help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.

On premise

On Premise

On premise means that you as a customer are responsible for the hardware and software required to use our system. This also includes maintenance, backup and support of the infrastructure.

The software maintenance provides access to all new versions of CANEA ONE. Installations and updates are managed quickly and easily together when we have access to a remote connection to your network and your servers.

Possible integration with existing systems can be facilitated. If you already have the skills and servers internally, this is often a cost-effective alternative.

Extern drift (SaaS)

Hosting – Software as a Service (SaaS)

By letting us take care of the operation, you always reach the system quickly and easily via the browser over the internet. All hosting are handled by our reliable operation provider on servers dedicated to our products. The service includes high broadband capacity, daily backup, uninterrupted electricity supply, safe operating environment in a state-of-the-art server hall and fast and competent operational support.

Installations and updates are handled quickly and easily by us as we have direct access to the servers.

Advantages with hosting

Low start-up cost, which is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses. It is also often faster to get started as lead times around infrastructure are shortened. You also do not need to have your own staff to manage the operation.

CANEA ONE is installed both in a test environment and in a production environment. This ensures that all new versions can be tested effectively before deployment.

Implementation project

When introducing CANEA ONE, we work according to a proven methodology to ensure quality and delivery. You can trust that nothing is left to chance.

Our consultants have a deep understanding of how to create business value with IT. We are happy to help configure and introduce our products in a way that is adapted to your particular needs.

The introduction of an IT solution always takes place together with you as the client, and is based on a methodology consisting of well-defined working methods and accumulated experience from previous implementations.

Some of the activities included:

  • Current situation analysis and investigation of needs.
  • Meetings in workshop format to define working methods.

  • Installation and configuration

  • Testing and Verification

  • Training and implementation support

  • Handover to administration

Software maintenance

We update and develop CANEA ONE continuously so that the system is in phase with market needs, user feedback, technological developments and new standards and trends.

Software maintenance ensures that you have a modern IT product that meets the high demands of successful organizations - now and in the future. 

The continuous development of the platform is made possible thanks to the fact that it is a standard system used by a large common customer base. This means that all new features and updates benefit everyone.

We currently release a new version of CANEA ONE per quarter.



Do you want to increase the value of your IT-systems? Then you need integration solutions. Through integrations, the systems can exchange information in a simplified and controlled manner, which among other things increases efficiency and saves time. CANEA ONE customers choose integrations to solve needs such as:

  • Interconnect systems in the business to reduce the risk of human error and improve data quality.
  • Automate manual processes to increase efficiency and reduce time-consuming tasks.
  • Send information (data) to/from CANEA ONE.

At CANEA, we have a comprehensive integration platform as a basis for providing different types of integration solutions for our customers:

  • Custom integrations
    With many years of experience integrating CANEA ONE with other business systems and data sources, we have helped several companies increase productivity and improve their operations. Our custom integration solutions are designed to meet your organization's unique and specific needs. We use our integration platform and framework to create a customized solution in the most efficient way to ensure that your systems work seamlessly together in the way you want.
  • CANEA ONE Open API  
    We also offer an open API that enables you as a customer to develop integration solutions directly against CANEA ONE. This gives you great opportunities and freedom to create unlimited connections between your systems, completely on your own.

No matter which method you choose, you can trust that our solutions are reliable, scalable and cost-effective. Let us help you maximize the value of your systems by delivering integration solutions that are tailored to your organization's unique requirements and conditions.



We offer access to highly qualified advice and assistance as well as prioritized handling of any questions regarding the use of CANEA ONE.

Your users ask questions about the system to your own organization's first-line support. Your system owner or system administrator can help you with contact details. In this way, you as a user get the fastest and best handling of the matter.

We at CANEA provide second line support. This means that we help your support managers to answer the slightly more complex and perhaps more technical questions if necessary.

Our aspiration and absolute goal is that our IT solutions should provide maximum benefit to our customers and by offering a support service with high availability, fast handling and high quality, we can achieve this goal.


We are a training company and as a natural part of the introduction of CANEA ONE, we offer our customers thorough training that can be adapted as needed.

Through training, it is ensured that those who work with the tools have the necessary knowledge to be able to make the best use of functions and properties to the full. Our ambition is to minimize the need for training for all target groups, both for infrequent users and for those who use the systems on a daily basis, through logical system design and intuitive interfaces.

We have a number of different courses to offer. Even in simpler implementations, we provide training that is adapted to the specific configuration in question: 

  • User training
    Depending on the configuration and product, a training course can range from a half-day to a 2-day course. User trainings contain theory interspersed with real practice cases in order to teach the basic functions of the products.
  • Super User Training
    In addition to user training, we also hold training aimed at so-called super users. These users are often internal ambassadors of CANEA ONE and readily adopt new ways of working. Training varies in length depending on configuration and product.
  • Administrator training
    This training is for administrators who want to deep dive into administration and technology. Having one or more internal resources that can configure the system, create templates and at the same time have a deeper understanding of the products is an advantage for being completely autonomous in the system.

Several of our training courses are also open courses and are perfect, for example, for those who are new system administrators or super users and want to learn more about the possibilities in the system.