Strategy development

A good strategy is not found in a document.
It is in the commitment of your employees.

Concrete strategies
more successful

The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, which means that businesses need to verify and adjust their strategies more frequently. The strategies must also be concrete to have a real effect. This requires a clear connection between the strategy and the operational activities. With our systematic approach and our process management, the strategy becomes realistic, challenging and supported.  
According to surveys published in Harvard Business Review only 10 % of all organizations successfully implement their strategy. We help our clients to join that group.


Together we create a strong foundation

For several years, we have worked successfully in cooperation with boards and management teams in many types of businesses to define, implement and further develop strategy work. The strategies we create are characterized by:

A shared vision

When the Board, management and workforce pull in the same direction the effect is clearly noticeable. 

Clear direction

What is most important to the strategy is placed at the core, leading to clear decisions and priorities.

Systematic strategy work

Clarify what must be carried out during the year; in addition we keep track of changed conditions, so that we can keep the strategy up to date and relevant.

Fulfilling objectives

Clear objectives and action plans contribute to the selected strategy being realized.

Working method

Realistic, challenging and secured

We always work from each corporation’s unique situation and use methods based on a number of different tools. But for strategy work to be successful, the workforce must participate in the whole process. This creates the commitment required to create real results. 

For three decades we have helped companies to develop

At our disposal we have experienced management consultants, committed trainers and comprehensive IT solutions. However, since no two challenges are the same, we always start by listening to you as the client to get a picture of the situation. The present situation, combined with the desired outcome, creates the foundation of the action that we propose. 

Some more of our clients

Since starting we have helped hundreds of organizations to become more efficient and profitable. Here are some examples of valued customers we’ve helped.

Our components for development of strategies and management features
Business model

Runs from a company’s business concept and describes both simply and in detail how the business creates different type of value. 

Business planning

With business planning an organization determines its long-term strategy, what it wants and how it will achieve its objectives. This results in a business plan. 

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard means that one focuses on a selected group of metrics and uses them to agree and communicate the strategic direction.

Interim manager

An interim manager from CANEA has long experience of operations management via previous management roles and/or a number of projects as a management consultant. 

Management by objectives and breakdown

By using management by objectives and objective breakdown one can unite the employees in an organization in active work in a common direction and in the long run develop a culture of continual improvement.

Business intelligence

Strategy development requires a good picture of the organization’s surroundings, its market and competitors. CANEA contributes with experience, data collection and analysis as well as new perspectives. 

Strategic analysis of current situation

Intended to create a picture of the current situation and predict how the situation is going to change in future. The analysis must, in other words, give both the map and description the available routes ahead.


A powerful tool to find the best possible improvements in their own operations and identify and implement best practice.

Value creating sustainability

With systematic sustainability work an operation can minimize the environmental load, sickness absence, work related injury, counteract corruption and discrimination and increase financial performance. 

Management processes

Important management processes can be, for example, the development and concretization of the organization’s strategy and objectives, budgeting, strategic risk management and follow-up. 

Risk and crisis management

With systematic risk management unnecessary costs and problems can be avoided before they occur and with crisis management small crises can be prevented from becoming major. ISO 9001:2015 has a number of requirements regarding this. 

Circular business models

Builds on closed loop life-cycles and three principles: reuse and recycling of products and materials, minimization of waste and contaminants and regeneration of the environment and nature. 

Systematic market development

The planned and methodical work to chart a client’s needs and wishes, business intelligence, define objectives and strategies and implement and follow these up in an effective way. 


Using a consensus of innovation, analysis of the organization’s circumstances and innovation maturity we give recommendations and lay the foundation for successful innovation work.


The numbers speak for themselves

You don’t need to take our word for it that we know what we are doing. We practice what we preach and have thoroughly checked what our clients like. Measurable results are among the best things we know - especially when they speak so clearly in our favor. Below are also examples of the companies this has involved over the years. We're sure there will be a reference that's relevant to your organization.


of our clients feel that CANEA has created lasting value.


of our clients consider our consultants to have good knowledge of the field, analytical skills and insight into the conditions of their business.


of our Clients consider that our consultants have good collaboration and management skills, commitment and pedagogic style.


Is the average rating we receive for  
course assessments.

We are into our third year of improvement work, with support from CANEA, which has led to us having improved profits of 10 - 12 MSEK during the period.
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