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Strategy Development

The quality of a strategy is not measured in its complexity or theoretical benefits, but rather by its ability to be understood by the employees and incorporated into everyday organizational work.

An efficient strategy is based on knowledge about the customers, the world at large, and the organisation’s capabilities. To develop strategies, we need clear long term objectives and a business planning process that creates a clear link between strategy and operational activities. Only then can one create solid strategies that can be implemented effectively.

We help our customers succeed by creating efficient and practical strategies. Our systematic approach and process management, enable strategies to be realistic, challenging, and entrenched in the organisation.



Together we create a good foundation

Since 1994, CANEA have worked successfully together with boards and executives in many industries and various types of organisations to define, implement and further develop strategy. The strategies we create are characterised by:
A clear direction forward
A shared vision
Unified board and management
A clear focus

For more than 25 years, we have helped companies improve. Do you want to know what we can do for you?


CANEA helps our customers achieve

  • A clear and easily applicable strategy that gives the organization a good sense of direction.

  • A focus on the activities that contribute the most to the strategy, avoiding resources being spent on low ROI endeavours.

  • One vision, that unifies the organisation, avoiding different groups pulling in different directions.

  • A systematic approach to the strategy implementation process, creating clarity in what is to be done and when, making changes more continuous.

  • Investments in organisational development that contribute to the realization of the set strategy, ensuring that the strategy is not just on paper.

  • A close connection between strategy and execution, bringing the strategy into the business culture, ensuring that internal behaviours align with the set strategy.

Our components for strategy development

Creating a strategy is a complex process, consisting of multiple necessary steps and components. We combine and select components to create an optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.
Strategy diagnosis
Systematic strategy process
Environmental analyses, i.e. customers and industry
Strategic risk management
Management by objectives
Sustainable business development
Business models
Business planning
Organizational change
Customer and Revenue analysis
Product portfolio analysis
Project portfolio management

Some of our customers

We have over the years helped hundreds of organizations to a more profitable and efficient business.