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for more efficient operations management

Strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents - CANEA ONE allows you to manage it all in one flexible and user-friendly system.

A common thread from strategy to implementation

Our system is based on your strategy and connects success factors and key performance indicators with day-to-day operations, projects and processes – for real. By reducing hassles and unnecessary work CANEA ONE gives you the best prerequisites to succeed. You don't just get more done – you get it done even better.


Implements the strategy

A unique common thread ensures that all activities are in line with the overall strategy.


Strengthens competitiveness

A smarter way of working enables employees to focus on more important things.


Improves profitability

A better overview of the business allows you to make the right business decisions.


The easy-to-use management system

CANEA ONE is the easy-to-use management system that gives employees support and control in their daily work Documents, projects, processes and goals are just a click away thanks to smart search features, graphical navigation and virtual folders. Giving you a living management system where even infrequent users thrive.

Five steps to full control

CANEA ONE consists of five user-friendly modules that you can combine and activate as required. Together they form a comprehensive system for efficient business management.

A systematic way to turn strategies into reality. CANEA Strategy helps you create understanding and commitment to the strategy by links to the daily operations.

Increases project maturity and the capacity to deliver good projects. CANEA Project helps you maximize the benefits of all investments made in projects and strategic initiatives

Always the right information in the right place. With CANEA Document, you can find the information you need quickly and easily, without worrying about important documents going astray.

Do you love manual workflow management? Shame! By using CANEA Workflow instead, you'll have more time for other things. Better control and smoother processing are great bonuses.

With CANEA Process, you get visualized processes that make it easy to keep your business process descriptions accessible - and up to date.

The business system where everything is connected

CANEA ONE facilitates both rapid change and long-term efforts to achieve strategic goals. Watch the video to see how all the elements work together to create a simple and efficient business management system.




We have looked at the different alternatives available on the market. CANEA’s integrated program family for management systems and project and portfolio management met our requirements best and is now providing invaluable support for us in our daily work.

Our Industries

During the years we have worked with organizations in most industries and are very familiar with your specific needs and requirements.


Energy and environment

CANEA ONE supports industry demands for increased sustainability, reduced environmental impact, increased digitalization and higher information security for critical functions.

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Life science

CANEA ONE is a validateable, flexible and scalable eQMS that helps meet the demands of regulations and standards and supports change and growth initiatives.

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Food and beverage

CANEA ONE is the platform that makes it easier to meet the needs of conscious consumers as well as the industry's requirements for quality and food safety.

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Public sector

CANEA ONE frees up resources to create increased value through better decision support, automation and smarter information management for both authorities, regions and municipalities.

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Health and social care

CANEA ONE is an IT support for caregivers and social services that creates a clear path from strategic planning and control to operational work in the business in accordance with the regulations.

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CANEA ONE has many features that are specifically adapted for the manufacturing industry. With the help of digitalization and proven methodology, we provide the tools required for efficiency and continuous improvements.

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The numbers speak for themselves

You don’t need to take our word for it that we know what we are doing. Fortunately, we practice what we preach and have thoroughly researched what our customers think about us and CANEA ONE. Measurable results are among the best things we know - especially when they speak so clearly in our favor.


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We have partners in 22 countries who can support you locally with professional services and training in CANEA ONE.

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