Successful deviation management turns problems into opportunities

Simple reporting, a clear overview and effective follow-up are the basis for successful management of deviations and thus reduced costs. Or never making a mistake.

Closing your eyes and crossing your fingers won't work in the
long run

A deviation is something that differs from the normal routine and requires time or money to be corrected. It can be anything from broken technology to incorrect information – things that can directly or indirectly cause damage, security breaches, extra work or other problems. The process of systematically identifying, reporting and managing these risks is called deviation management.

Unfortunately, many organisations do not even have a simple way for employees to report deviations. This can lead to a large proportion of deviations not being reported at all, and left unaddressed. But even in organisations where reporting works reasonably well, it is common for deviations to be overlooked due to unclear responsibilities and working methods.

In addition to the obvious disadvantages of not addressing deviations, development opportunities are also lost. With good reporting, management and follow-up of deviations, it becomes easier to see the relationships and underlying causes – valuable insights that can lead to business-critical decisions and improvements.

Work for the long term and make use of technology

The basis for successful deviation management is simple reporting, efficient workflow and clear follow-up. It's not enough to be good at "putting out fires" - rather focus on implementing long-term solutions.

An example of an effective method for dealing with deviations was developed in the automotive industry and is called 8D (Eight Disciplines). The 8D method is designed to find the root of a problem, design a short-term measure and implement a long-term solution to prevent the problem from recurring.


As well as reviewing working methods, you can invest in a deviation management system to help you prioritise and steer work in the right direction. Among other things, a tool for systematic reporting, action and follow-up makes it easier to learn from the deviations that occur, so that you can better prevent future problems.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing a system that supports deviation management:


Increased reporting

Provides more opportunities for improvement.


More efficient workflow

Reduces hassle and administration.


Easier follow-up

Makes it easier to identify correlations and causes.


Growing experience bank

Makes it easier to learn from your mistakes and evolve.


Guaranteed improvement

Discovered deviations are linked to the improvement work.

We have a lot organised in CANEA ONE; internal audits, external audits, deviations, documentation and registration. It's user-friendly and simple.

An easy-to-use and
flexible system for
deviation management

CANEA Workflow is a tool that automates, quality assures and speeds up case processes. It simplifies reporting and gathers all types of deviations in one place. For example, internal deviations, audit deviations, supplier deviations, product deviations and more.
Analyses, statistics and reports in CANEA Workflow give you an unbeatable overview of your processes. You can easily see what is going on at any given time, what is delayed, what is prioritised, who is responsible, etc. No more cases falling through the cracks and you always have a correct decision basis.

Make it easy for everyone to report deviations via electronic forms. CANEA Workflow enables reporting via, for example, the intranet, website or mobile app.

Collaborate efficiently internally and with external parties (e.g. suppliers) directly in the tool instead of sending a lot of e-mails back and forth. All dialogue is stored with the case.

The dynamic and graphical views allow you to view deviations easily, in real time. For example, views can be created for priority, ongoing, alerted and closed cases - just as you wish

The interactive and visual analysis engine allows you to follow up all deviations efficiently. Extract statistics and monitor lead times, costs and other KPIs directly in the system. Create charts and reports the way you want.

Through the app, all employees can easily report new deviations, as well as follow and discuss ongoing cases. Available for both Android and iOS.

All actions are traceable and important events are logged with date, time stamp and executor. Each case has a history log where it is easy to follow what changes have been made.

Configure the system directly in your browser so that the form layout, settings, flows, business logic and rules suit your needs. It requires no special IT skills and can be handled directly by the business.

You can easily link documents and other important files to your cases. The files can be managed with versioning, rights management and online viewing features.

CANEA Workflow alerts if deviations are left for too long or if the action date has passed. Set lead time limits for the different steps in the workflow and receive reminders via e-mail or alerts via SMS (additional service).

Part of a
comprehensive solution

CANEA Workflow is one of five user-friendly modules that make up our CANEA ONE platform. The modules can be used independently, but together they form a comprehensive system for effective business management, linking strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents.


CANEA knows deviation management

In order to be successful with deviation management, the working method needs to be adapted to your organisation's requirements and situation, in terms of resources, activities, information and key figures, for example. We have many years of experience in designing and optimising deviation processes and offer not only complete IT support, but also knowledge in the form of training and skilled consultants.

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