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Lasting impact requires a systematic and continuous improvement process, driven by committed leaders.

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Internal audits of environmental management systems must be performed for the system to work correctly. Carrying out audits requires knowledge of ISO 14001:2004, important environmental issues and environmental legislation, together with skills in auditing techniques.

The training gives you knowledge of useful techniques and working methods. We go through the entire process from the establishment of project guidelines to project completion and feedback.

During the training, it will be explained how ISO 9001 certified quality systems drive continuous improvement and what the requirements of the standard mean in practice.

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Canea has helped hundreds of organizations become both more efficient and more profitable. Here are some examples of what we've worked on so far.

CANEA’s expertise and ability to provide guidance during the preparation of the structure of the system is something we have not experienced with previous suppliers. I highly recommend CANEA ONE to other organisations within Life Science in need of e-signatures, read receipts and traceability. The system is flexible when necessary and robust when required.