Do you enjoy searching for information? Too bad!

CANEA Document helps you get to the right information quickly when you need it. Time saved can instead be spent on creating value.

CANEA Document

Welcome to a document management system without complicated folder structures. You don't have to waste precious time searching for information and can instead focus on more important things.


Secure management of business-critical information

CANEA Document provides secure management of all types of documents – in one place. Tagging the information with metadata creates a virtual, multidimensional folder structure. This means that a document appears in multiple locations at the same time, with authorisation-controlled access. The right information in the right place for the right users at the right time!


Document control for management systems

You can usefully add your company's process-oriented management system to CANEA Document. All production and distribution of documents is quality-assured and streamlined. In addition, your employees always have access to the most up-to-date version of the documents - directly via intranet, tablets and mobile phones.


Take control
of information

CANEA Document combines simple and intuitive search features with powerful features for managing documents from a life cycle perspective.

Maximum availability
Search and find information quickly based on what you need, not where it is stored.

High security
Ensure accuracy, changes and access to all information - with high traceability.

Fulfils requirements
Manage information according to standards, legislation and other requirements for document management.


CANEA Document supports everything from production, publication and modification to archiving and deletion – with full traceability and version management.

CANEA Document offers several ways to search for information to suit all types of needs. Search via a role-based home page, free text search, virtual folders, subscriptions, favorites and clickable process maps.

The system supports quick and easy viewing of documents directly in the browser. Of course, it works just as well on mobile devices as on a computer.

Document templates for multiple document types control header, graphic layout and content to give you a consistent structure. Information in headers and footers is automatically kept up to date through the templates.

Tagging information and documents with properties vastly improves searchability. The same document can then be displayed in different ways in virtual folders, e.g. by process, department, approver and document type.

CANEA Document handles documents from a life cycle perspective with support for development, review, approval, revision and finally archiving. Referral support helps to ensure both traceability and the accuracy of your business-critical documents.

Support for receipts in several ways. Has the document been read by the relevant employees? Has the document been read and understood? There is also support for distribution receipts for documents that need to be printed out on paper. Electronic signatures can be activated for approving documents, for instance.

From the system's home page, you can quickly and easily access relevant documents. The home page is role-based and primarily displays information relevant for the logged-in user, based on role and requirements. Its design and content can be adapted at both central and individual level.

Full support for archiving, with very good archive searchability and the option to restore archived documents. The user’s permission level controls access to the archive and older versions of the document. All information is version-managed, with full traceability back to earlier versions.

Maintain large numbers of documents with ease. This is often necessary during organisational changes or when information needs to be restructured. Bulk maintenance functions allow an administrator, for instance, to change approver for hundreds of documents with only a couple of clicks of a button.

You won't be the first. Or alone.

Hundreds of organisations in many different industries have already discovered the benefits of CANEA Document. Please take a look at our client case study!

With CANEA Document, we have a tool that gives us the ability to undertake systematic quality work throughout the organisation. The effect is a living and user-friendly management system that helps us to do things correctly, save time, and allows us to focus on what is most important – giving our customers the very best care

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