Do you know how your role impacts your company’s strategic plan?

With CANEA Strategy, you can quickly define and communicate corporate business strategies, goals, and initiatives easily. The benefit is everyone understands and can be involved in executing the company strategy. .

CANEA Strategy 1-1

Our tools make it possible for organizations of all sizes to create a unique common thread from strategic work to daily operations.

Make reality of the strategy

CANEA Strategy ensures and provides support throughout the entire journey from strategy to execution.


Clear vision

Creates a shared understanding of the strategy, the goal we should achieve and how.


An eye on the situation

Gives management an unbeatable overview of what's happening, how it's progressing, and why.


Link to the operations

Creates a clear common thread from the strategy to project, initiatives and actions.


Agile strategy development

The world is changing at an increasing speed, we need to evaluate our strategies continuously in order to be able to plan and act in the best way based on the current conditions. With CANEA Strategy, you can dramatically accelerate the process from words to actions when it comes to getting everybody to work in a new way, with a change in focus or towards a new goal.


CANEA Strategy enables you to activate your strategy through smart features such as goal breakdown, communication and visualization.

A prerequisite for the success of a strategy is that all employees understand it and are involved in it. Key performance indicators (KPI´s) and objectives are communicated visually and clearly on the system's home page, so that strategic work becomes a natural part of everyday life. With the help of social features, it is also easy for all employees to contribute, comment and discuss.

It is easy to follow-up strategies and goals with CANEA Strategy. KPI’s are displayed as clear graphical charts or visual objects – like a traffic light. The key performance indicators can be defined according to your specific needs and aggregated to overall targets. You can follow-up the operations on an overall level giving management full control.

With CANEA Strategy, you define the organization’s strategy by describing your vision, which is then detailed in perspective, goals and key performance indicators. In the system's strategy breakdown feature, you work with your goal structure and create a clear picture of how you will achieve the vision. It is possible to create strategy breakdowns at several levels, e.g. per organizational unit.

CANEA Strategy is well integrated with other modules in CANEA ONE, which gives maximum actionability. For example, to achieve a goal, management can launch a strategic initiative, having full control over how it is executed, while making the project team aware of how they’re contributing to the organization achieving its goals. You also get an unbeatable overview of  all strategic initiatives and their status.

On the system’s homepage, you can quickly and easily follow your key performance indicators, initiatives and actions. The home page is role-based and primarily displays information relevant for the authenticated users, based on role and requirements. Its design and content can be adapted at both a central and individual level.

If you change your strategy, or fail to reach a key performance indicator, you need to take action and create better conditions for success. You can then initiate measures in CANEA ONE, which provides full process support, control, traceability and follow-up of the work. Involved employees can see how they influence and improve the achievement of objectives. It is easy to view the measures and follow progress.

The basic information for many key performance indicators is often stored in other systems, for example finance or production systems. Of course, outcomes for key performance indicators can be entered manually, but the systems can also be integrated so the information is collected automatically at determined intervals.

You won't be the first, or alone on your journey with Canea.

Hundreds of organizations in many different industries have already discovered the benefits of CANEA Strategy. Please look at our client case studies!

With CANEA Strategy, we can ensure that our day-to-day operations are in line with our overall strategy. I was immediately convinced when I saw how well the system integrates target work with the daily work in projects and processes. The system will help us to get more commitment from our employees regarding our strategy, but most importantly a common thread and concrete ways of working that will further increase the chances that we will achieve our goals.

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We have been delivering effective IT solutions to create increased profitability and more satisfied clients since 1997. The combination of flexible products and experienced consultants has made our solutions popular in a range of uses.

Strategy development

A strategy must have a clear link to operational activities to have a real impact. We help companies and organizations create realistic, challenging and grounded strategies.

Management system

Management systems – headache or crowning glory? Our IT solutions create optimum conditions for a process-oriented, integrated and living management system.

CANEA ONE is a complete product family - let us introduce you to the rest of it.

CANEA Strategy is just one member of the family. In addition to strategy activation, we also have tools for case, project and document management, as well as process modeling. All our modules are proprietary, easy to use and of course adaptable to your reality and everyday life. Naturally, our modules can be integrated and combined as needed.



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