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A system that makes it possible to achieve world-class food safety

CANEA ONE is a proven management system with features specifically adapted to food industry standards.

Demands for quality and food safety are increasing, both from the industry and from discerning consumers. Whether you are involved in commodity processing, logistics, wholesale or retail, you need to adapt your business to meet strict regulations and standards. Our platform helps you meet the requirements and provides support for active quality management.

Follows industry standards

CANEA ONE is designed to simplify and streamline your operations in accordance with industry standards, such as FSMA-FDA, FDA Food Code 2017 & 2022,  SFCR (Canada), BRC, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.


Less complex, more user-friendly

Consolidates all information in one place and presents it according to the role and needs of the individual employee.

Common thread from strategy to operation

Includes selectable modules that together create an integrated system for everything from strategic planning to day-to-day operations - where everything is connected.

Supports systematic quality work

A powerful support tool for food safety and systematic quality management, utilizing principles such as HACCP. It creates the conditions for a living management system in which all employees feel involved.


They already use CANEA ONE

CANEA ONE has a large number of satisfied users among major players in the food industry. Take a look at a few cases below.

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Challenges in the food industry

The food industry is facing major challenges. Both production and consumption patterns are changing and sustainability requirements are increasing. Consumers are also demanding greater transparency and traceability all the way back to the source. The challenge is to be efficient and sustainable all the way - while meeting a growing market with more people to feed, which means increased overall production.

To make the equation work, it is important to have tight control over the whole chain and to meet high food safety standards. Those who have their processes and documentation under control are equipped to work with continuous improvement and to meet the challenges facing the industry.

CANEA’s solution

We offer a user-ready standard system that is adapted to meet the requirements of the food industry. Even as a standard system, it is highly flexible and can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of each organization.

CANEA ONE brings all parts of your organization together - from strategies and plans to day-to-day operations. By combining the strengths of our document, process, case, project and strategy management modules, the information needed for quality management is gathered in a single system. When everything is brought together, it becomes easier to use and see the big picture. In addition, system and management costs are reduced and you gain synergies that would otherwise require costly and complex integrations.

CANEA ONE is adapted for food companies working towards ISO 22000, IP Food, BRC and FSC 22000. It is a platform that creates a living management system - where you manage everything from governance documents, referral management, processes, target management and balanced scorecards to executable processes/cases such as risk analyses, deviations, self-checks, measurements/samples, incidents, complaints and audits. All in one platform.


CANEA ONE is a complete business support system for both strategic planning and operations - tailored to industry requirements.

Displays relevant information and data based on the user's role in the organization, which contributes to good usability for the individual employee.

Create executable processes such as self-checks, deviations, risk analyses (e.g. in accordance with HACCP) and complaints for more efficient handling and better possibilities for follow-up, statistics and reporting.

CANEA ONE makes it easier to find the right information at the right time, and reach the desired target group with the required information and ensure that the message gets through via read receipts and tests.

Create a flexible process-oriented management system with clickable process maps and quality-assured lifecycle management for governing documents, like procedures, checklists and policies

Our app allows you to report activities and access important documents directly on your mobile or tablet.

CANEA ONE's modules enable a living and effective management system that creates a common thread all the way from strategy to operation.

To obtain structured statistics, for example regarding deviations in materials from suppliers is a very important area for us, and now CANEA Workflow has become a powerful tool for improvement work and experience feedback in the business.

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