Vitrolife’s experience using CANEA ONE: User-friendliness in focus

For companies in the medtech industry, having a highly functional quality management system is a must. When Vitrolife needed a new digital quality management system, user friendliness and future proofing was top priorities. CANEA ONE was the system on the market that matched those priorities the best.

Background and priorities

Vitrolife is a multinational cooperation in the medtech industry with customers all over the world. The company provides products and services for IVF clinics with the vision to help parents fulfill their dream of having a baby. Just as any company in the medtech industry, high regulatory requirements are set on Vitrolife to ensure, and log, the quality of their processes and products. To fulfill these requirements Vitrolife uses an electronic quality management system
an eQMS.

Originally the company used a simple, yet well-functioning, eQMS based on an older platform. When time came for the platform to be updated, Vitrolife’s management decided to survey the market to see what alternatives were available. The alternatives were evaluated according to how well they fulfilled the present requirements as well as after their likeliness to fulfill the potential requirements of
the future.

The characteristics that Vitrolife first and foremost looked for was:

  • A complete solution – a  system able to handle a great number of different system requirements and activities.
  • User-friendliness – a simple, and self-explanatory system for the employees. 
  • Support for multinationality – a system that can manage multiple sites with different preferred languages. 

The decision and result

In the evaluation phase, several promising systems were tested by a large number of Vitrolife employees. From a survey conducted after the testing was done it became evident that CANEA ONE was the system that most people preferred.

CANEA ONE was picked as the best candidate to a large extent due to it being the system that the testers experienced as most user-friendly and easy to overview.

Since March 2020, Vitrolife has been using the CANEA ONE modules Workflow and Document. Workflow has been used for digitizing the process for handling changes, deviations, and customer feedback. The workflows are used daily and help the organization work and develop in a structured way. The document module is used to enable better searchability and handling of documents and reports.

The switch to CANEA ONE resulted in:

  • More intuitive system handling, enabling shorter learning times and higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • Better overview of active cases, resulting in a larger number being closed on time and subsequently fewer active cases at any given time.
  • Different sites being able to use the same system without information getting mixed up, allowing for new sites to be added to the platform in the future as the company grows and makes new acquisitions.
  • Work remaining efficient during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to support for remote cooperation as well as digital signing of reports and other documents.

The future

Vitrolife wants to be a complete solutions provider of both products and services for IVF clinics, able to help their customers with all aspects of the IVF process. This is show in their brand promise: “Together. All the way”

One big factor for achieving this goal is, according to Vitrolite’s management, digitalization, both internally and in how they interact and service their customers. 
As a part of their digitalization process, Vitrolife plans to expand their use of CANEA ONE, with two new workflows, one for audits and one for suppliers, as well
as visualizing 
existing workflows and instructions by using CANEA Process.