Internal Enviromental audits - ISO 14001

Internal audits of environmental management systems must be performed for the system to work correctly. Carrying out audits requires knowledge of ISO 14001:2004, important environmental issues and environmental legislation, together with skills in auditing techniques.

These are provided in this training course.

This training explains the background and purpose of th

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This training explains the background and purpose of the requirements in the quality management system as per ISO 14001 and EMAS. This leads to a greater understanding and interest among participants. All the requirements of the standard are carefully reviewed and you learn in a practical manner from those who have constructed and introduced certified environmental management systems and who carry out audits of such systems.


Who is it for?

This training is primarily aimed at anyone who will perform internal environmental audits and others who need a deeper knowledge of how internal environmental auditing should be conducted, e.g. quality managers, environmental managers and business leaders.

What prior knowledge is required?

You should have knowledge of environmental management systems and ISO 14001. If you do not, we recommend that you first take the “Environmental management systems in practice – ISO 14001” course.

Following each training day, 1 hour of revision and extension study is required.

Purpose and goal

The goal of the training is to provide you with both the approach to internal auditing as a tool for improving the efficiency of your company’s processes and to impart extensive knowledge in internal audit methodology, such as planning/preparation, implementation, reporting and audit follow-up. This allows you to act based on the perspective of improvement, rather than as a fault finder.

Other information

Before the training, you will be sent some homework so that you can study the ISO 14001 standard to facilitate learning.

Our “Internal Environmental Audits ISO 14001” training course has been reviewed and approved by the Swedish Association of Environmental Auditors (MIS). This means that MIS has reviewed the training course to ensure that it is appropriate and of high quality. After completing the course, participants can apply to become an MIS Approved Environmental Auditor.

We are participating in work to develop the new version of ISO 14001, which is being launched in 2015. We also have extensive expertise in the field.


3 days

Practical information

To think about before the training


Food and accomondation


This is the best course I have been on in a long time. Theory was mixed with practical exercises within audit methodology, which felt very credible. After each exercise, the trainer was good at getting discussion going about what we had learnt. The trainers had extensive knowledge of the subject, and their attitude created a good atmosphere in the group and got everyone involved in each course element. I have recommended this course to several colleagues.


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Internal Enviromental audits - ISO 14001

Length: 3 days

if you have question about the course or want us to hold it with you instead?