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CANEA StrategyStrategy Activation

A systematic way to turn strategies into reality.

Reach your strategic goals

CANEA Strategy helps you to create a broad understanding of and great commitment to the strategy by links to the daily operations.
Clear vision

Creates a shared understanding of the strategy, the goal we should achieve and how.

An eye on the situation

Provides the management with an unbeatable overview of the way things are going, why, and what is happening.

Link to the operations

Creates a clear common thread from the strategy to project, initiative and actions.

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Make reality of the strategy

CANEA Strategy makes it possible for organisations of all sizes to create a unique common thread from the strategic work to the daily operations. We do not just provide performance management tools but rather a completely new generation of IT support for strategy activation. The system guarantees and provides support throughout the chain from strategy to execution. You get no results without action. CANEA Strategy makes it possible in practise!

Agile strategy development

The world is changing at an increasing speed and all organisations need to evaluate their strategy continuously in order to be able to plan and act in the best way based on the current conditions. With the help of CANEA Strategy, you can dramatically accelerate the process from word to action to get everybody to work in a new way, with a change in focus or towards a new goal.

We use CANEA strategy

Hundreds of organisations in many different industries have demonstrated trust in us. Read about some of our customers here.

Borås Energy and Environment manages their entire business using CANEA ONE

More effective and common ways of working, increased customer focus and a clear direction towards the overall mission and strategies: Borås Energy and Environment ended up at a stage where they needed to develop a business system. After implementing CANEA ONE, Borås Energy and Environment now have a uniform system that supports the entire business with a clear path from strategy to operations.

CANEA ONE boost business for Andreas Stihl Norden

Andreas Stihl Norden saw the need for an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries. The system they chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new monitoring model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region.


CANEA Strategy makes it possible to activate your strategy through smart functions for management of objectives including communication and visualization.

Strategy breakdown

With CANEA Strategy, you can define the organisation’s strategy by describing the vision, which is then detailed in perspective, goals and key performance indicators. In the system’s SBS (strategy breakdown component), you can work with your goal structure easily and create a clear picture of how the vision will be attained. It is possible to create strategy breakdowns at several levels, for example, per organisational unit.

Communication and cooperation

One condition for success with the strategy and for attaining the goals is for the employees to be involved and understand the strategy and the context. Using clear and visual web components on the home page, key performance indicators and goals are communicated to the employees and the strategic work becomes a natural part of the day. With the help of social functions, it is easy for everybody to contribute, comment and discuss.

Link to the operations

CANEA Strategy is well integrated with other modules in CANEA ONE, which gives you the maximum energy to act on the strategy.. For example, to attain a goal a strategic initiative can be initiated, which gives the management full control over how it is executed while, at the same time, the project team is aware about how they are contributing to the organisation reaching its goals. At the same time, this provides an unbeatable overview of the portfolio of all strategic initiatives and their respective status.

Correct and adjust

If the strategy changes, or if a key performance indicator is not met, action should be taken to create the right conditions for success. Actions can be initiated in CANEA ONE, which provides full process support, control, traceability and follow-up of the work. The employees who are involved in the work see how they influence and improve the goal fulfilment. It is easy to view the actions and monitor progress.

Follow-up and reporting

It is easy to follow-up the operations, strategies and goals with the help of CANEA Strategy. This is done using key performance indicators that are shown as clear graphic diagrams or visual objects – traffic lights and speedometers. The key performance indicators can be defined with great flexibility for your specific needs and aggregated to overall targets. This gives you the opportunity to follow-up the operations on an overall level, which also gives the management and managers a full check on the operations.

Integrate other systems

The basic information for many key performance indicators is often stored in other systems, such as finance or production systems. Of course, outcomes for key performance indicators can be entered manually, but they can also be integrated so the information is collected automatically at determined intervals.


With the help of the system’s homepage, you can quickly and easily follow your key performance indicators, initiatives and actions. The home page is role-based and primarily displays information relevant for the logged-in user, based on role and requirements. The design and content of the home page can be adapted on both a central and an individual level.

With CANEA Strategy, we will ensure that our daily activities are in line with our overall strategy. I was convinced right away when I saw how well the system integrates goal setting with daily work in projects and processes. The system will help us to get more involvement from our employees regarding our strategy, but above all a silver thread and concrete approach that further increases the chances that we will reach our goals.

Gunnar Peters, CEO, BEMAB