CANEA ONE boost business for Andreas Stihl Norden

Andreas Stihl Norden needed an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries. The system they chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new follow-up model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region.


It had become necessary for management to take a long-term approach to business planning and strategies on a united front to ensure sustainable growth. Andreas Stihl Norden AB had been using key performance indicators and Balanced Scorecard in its management of the company for many years when
they saw 
the need for an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries. The system it chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new monitoring model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region.

Andreas Stihl Norden AB and consultants from CANEA have collaboratively produced and defined strategies to ensure growth in the coming years. A
systematic strategy 
planning process was established in conjunction with the development of the strategies. But they needed a common, user-friendly IT
support system to facilitate 
implementation and follow-up of the strategies.

− We had lengthy discussions on how to put our strategies into action. Since
have operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, we needed a shared process for reviewing targets and key performance indicators and
providing a 
clear link between the strategy and the day-to-day operations.
The strategy module in CANEA ONE seemed to match what we were looking
for, so we 
contacted CANEA. Since the IT support system could be tailored to
suit our needs, we decided 
to implement it, explains Kjell Svensson, CEO of
Andreas Stihl Norden.

CANEA ONE brings structure and clarity

Stihl Norden have been working with CANEA ONE for just over a year and are starting to see noticeable results. It has given them a good support for working with strategies and targets in the Nordic organization in a methodical and structured way, which has led to enhanced business value. The greatest gain is the structure of the system, which makes it easy for them to monitor, keep track of and act upon their KPIs.

− We’re focused on the right things now. In the past, we have found it simple to work 
with things that are going well, but thanks to the system’s versatile, state-of-the-art interface, it is easier to see areas where things are not running as smoothly. Performance dashboards with green, amber and red indicators provide clear status reports, helping us to react more quickly and initiate improvements in those areas.

Enhanced efficiency with monthly reports

Thanks to CANEA ONE’s reporting and analytical capabilities, all reports across the Nordic Region is now easily managed in a standardized way. This has resulted in not only an easier and more efficient way of entering the data but also more relevant and unified reports.

− Before CANEA ONE was implemented, everyone was reporting in slightly different ways. Now, however, all sales managers enter their monthly reports directly into the system, which has made the process far more efficient. This means that all presentations are prepared, and we can work actively at our monthly meetings and focus on priorities. Everyone who uses the system today says that things have become more organized and structured.

Major advantage with a full-service provider like CANEA

After a year of implementing and learning how to use the IT support system, Stihl Norden has a good grasp of CANEA ONE’s features and benefits. The company will now be focusing strongly on weighting all targets and KPIs in the system.

− We have been wise not to rush. We have created good working practices and an understanding of targets and KPIs. When we start the weighting, we’ll get a more accurate measure of the figures, and we have a good tool to support strategy planning, management, implementation and monitoring. Working together with CANEA has also been tremendously advantageous. We have really appreciated their expertise in numerous areas and their ability to deliver an end-to-end solution that includes consultancy services and IT support, says Kjell in closing.


STIHL develops and manufactures tools for the gardening, forestry and landscaping maintenance sectors. Andreas Stihl AG developed his first chainsaw in 1926. Today, the STIHL Group has subsidiaries in some 140 countries and more than 14,000 employees, with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, the USA and elsewhere. Its Nordic head office is located in Stenkullen outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. STIHL products are sold exclusively through servicing dealers and the company has over 400 specialist stores in Sweden.