There are many reasons why organizations choose CANEA ONE over other options. Our customers usually have five reasons.


Five benefits

Existing customers who have chosen CANEA ONE as their management system platform have usually done so for the following five reasons.

1.  Comprehensive

CANEA ONE is a comprehensive IT support for the management system that can be scaled up as the organization grows and needs change. The key to a well-functioning management system is to avoid islands of information, stored in different locations. CANEA ONE makes it easy to bring together all management system information such as objectives, documents, processes, deviations, projects, audits and improvement work in one place - with ready-made links between the different parts to maximize your synergies.


2. Flexible

CANEA ONE is configured for your needs directly in the browser and without any programming. Form layout, settings, flows and business logic are set up according to your working methods and unique conditions. Thanks to the fact that CANEA ONE can be easily configured by the operation, completely independently, you get a flexible system support that constantly adapts to your requirements and needs.

3. Stable

CANEA ONE is a proven standard solution developed by CANEA over 20 years and used today by hundreds of organizations around the world. The system is long-term stable in that help is available when needed and CANEA can be relied upon as a supplier and our product development organization remains in place over time, continually developing the system support with four new releases each year.

4. Safe

A good management system solution is secure and has a proven and well-developed permission management system for handling sensitive and important information. CANEA ONE meets the stringent security requirements of large international corporations as well as companies with high regulatory requirements in areas such as Life Science. The platform comes with ready-to-use features for access control, editing, tracking, logging, acknowledgments, e-signatures and approval.

5. User-friendly

CANEA ONE makes the management system easily accessible to all your employees and provides support and guidance in everyday life. All information is just one click away thanks to smart home pages, efficient search functions, graphical navigation and virtual folders - all developed in close cooperation with customers in practical use. You get a management system with a low threshold to information, where even infrequent users thrive.

What our customers say about us and CANEA ONE:
Air Liquide

"CANEA’s expertise and ability to provide guidance during the preparation of the structure of the system is not something we have experienced with previous suppliers. I highly recommend CANEA ONE to other organizations within Life Science in need of e-signatures, read receipts and traceability. The system is flexible when necessary and robust when required.”

Maud Tallroth, Nordic Quality Manager, Air Liquide



The Absolut Company

"Getting structured statistics on, for example, material deviations from suppliers is a very important area for us and now CANEA Workflow becomes a powerful tool for improvement work and experience feedback in the business."

Magnus Nilsson, IT Manager, The Absolut Company


Västra Götalandsregionen

"Det var nog ingen som riktigt trodde att införandet skulle kunna genomföras på så kort tid. CANEA har varit väldigt flexibla och vi kände att vi fick stor hjälp ända in i mål."

Carina Johansson, applikationsspecialist, Västra Götalandsregionen



"CANEA Workflow is a flexible and broad frontline case management system and CANEA has an aggressive development plan that we have been involved in to some extent. Incidentally, the link between the case management, document management and project tool in CANEA ONE is excellent!"

Jonas Wallman, Global Improvement Agent, Husqvarna


Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal

"I knew from the start what I wanted from the system and what needed to be reported. But I didn't understand exactly how it would turn out in the end when we began. It feels great that the system is so configurable. We can easily adapt it to our processes, its phases, forms and rules, but also to follow-up functions such as views and email alerts. Many of the benefits of the system we have only realised after implementation, and as we learn the system we understand the extent to which we can use it."

Kajsa Asker, HSEQ Manager/PFSO, Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal, DFDS Group


Mölndals Stad

"As our needs increase, we are grateful that the system thinks of us as a helper and makes it easy to keep order."

Elin Lund Gillberg, Development Manager, Social and Labour Market Administration, City of Mölndal



Borås Energi och Miljö

"With CANEA Strategy, we will ensure that our day-to-day operations are in line with our overall strategy. I was immediately convinced when I saw how well the system integrates target work with the daily work in projects and processes. The system will help us to get more commitment from our employees around our strategy, but most importantly a common thread and concrete ways of working that will further increase the chances of us achieving our goals."

Gunnar Peters, CEO, Borås Energi och Miljö AB



"We were immediately convinced when we looked at the CANEA Project. Five locations are involved in Kinnarps development projects and we need to make the projects visual for everyone involved. This will help us. The combination of power and simplicity turned me on!"

Tomas Ekström, Quality Manager and Head of Project Methodology, Kinnarps



"Unfortunately, we had reached a point where the map and reality no longer matched. The way of working had evolved in the business, but the documented way of working and the process descriptions were not in line and were poorly known by many of the staff. We therefore needed to review both the content of the management system and facilitate its future use with more effective IT support. The choice fell on CANEA!"

Stina Enesjö, Business Excellence Manager, AkzoNobel Decorative Coating



"Vi har fått fantastisk återkoppling från användarna när det gäller visualiseringen av projekt- och analysverktyget med tydlig grafik.”

Jan-Erik Schrader, Project Portfolio Management, E.ON





The development of CANEA ONE (at that time CANEA Framework) is started from the Lotus Notes platform.

Version 1.0 of the system is launched and
the holistic approach was already in place
from the start.



The first user conference is held in Gothenburg for a group of users from different organizations around Sweden.

The platform is fundamentally redesigned for the web and generation 2.0 is released, now based on Microsoft.NET. 



Major launch tour at SF's cinemas in Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm in connection with the release of the new CANEA Project module.

International expansion gathers pace and we now have over ten international partners selling CANEA ONE software on most continents.



Professor Robert S. Kaplan of Harvard University participates in the launch of the CANEA Strategy module.

CANEA receives several mentions in Gartner's reports and analyst Marc Kerremans contributes to the development of CANEA ONE and participates in the user conference and gives presentations. 



We open an office in Florida, USA, and expand our efforts in the US market with several new IT partners and a subsidiary.

We finally move into completely renovated headquarters in Stora Tullhuset, right by the river in central Gothenburg.



The numbers speak for themselves

You don’t need to take our word for it that we know what we are doing. Fortunately, we practice what we preach and have thoroughly researched what our customers think about us and CANEA ONE. Measurable results are among the best things we know - especially when they speak so clearly in our favor.


since the platform began development


installations of CANEA ONE currently active


customer loyalty, as measured in 2021


average customer rating, on a five-point scale

Five steps to full control

CANEA ONE consists of five user-friendly modules that you can combine and activate as required. Together they form a comprehensive system for efficient business management.

A systematic way to turn strategies into reality. CANEA Strategy helps you create understanding and commitment to the strategy by links to the daily operations.

Increases project maturity and the capacity to deliver good projects. CANEA Project helps you maximize the benefits of all investments made in projects and strategic initiatives.

With CANEA Process, you get visualized processes that make it easy to keep your operation process descriptions accessible - and up to date.

Do you love manual workflow management? Sorry! By using CANEA Workflow instead, you'll have more time for other things. Better control and smoother processing are great bonuses

Always the right information in the right place. With CANEA Document, you can find the information you need quickly and easily, without worrying about important documents going astray.

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