Absolute quality with CANEA Workflow

The Absolut Company uses CANEA Workflow in its factories in Åhus and Nöbbelöv. The system helps the business to achieve more effective management of requests, shorter lead times and a better overview of deviations in materials.

Background and needs

The Absolut Company is the world's fourth biggest international quality spirit brand and all production takes place in Sweden. The Absolut Company were looking for system that could help achieving a better workflow, give a better overview and make it easier following up cases. Their choice was CANEA Workflow.

Introduction and benefits

The system's high flexibility gives the customer the opportunity to easily create adapted case flow for the respective process. Using CANEA Workflow for many different types of cases gives the business a good overview and the opportunity for a shared way of working for reporting, managing, following up and creating statistics for cases.

Magnus Nilsson, IT Manager for The Absolut Company: "It was important for us to get a system that really simplifies reporting and management of cases."

This has been created through simple forms with managed, linked choices that reduce the risk for entry of incorrect information. To further minimise error sources and administration, the Absolut Company has chosen to allow CANEA Workflow to automatically collect information from the operation's other systems. The possibility to follow up and obtain statistics is a further important foundation stone for the Absolut Company and the diagram module can be used to simply create pre-defined diagrams for repeat reporting.

"To obtain structured statistics, for example regarding deviations in materials from suppliers is a very important area for us, and now CANEA Workflow has become a powerful tool for improvement work and experience feedback in the business." says Magnus.

By allowing suppliers in certain cases to take responsibility for actions directly through the system, lead times and administration are reduced.

Om The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company is a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard Holding Company. The Absolut Company's head offices are in Stockholm and all production of ABSOLUT takes place in Åhus in Skåne. Every day around 600,000 bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA are produced there. The launch of ABSOLUT VODKA took place in the USA in 1979 and in Sweden in 1981. ABSOLUT VODKA can today be found on 126 markets, it is the world's fourth biggest international quality spirit brand and the largest imported vodka in the USA.