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CANEA ProjectProject Management

Increases project maturity and your ability to deliver quality projects.

Improve the performance of all project activities

With CANEA Project, you can optimise the project portfolios and maximise the benefits of all the investments made in projects and strategic initiatives
More project management

Let your project manager focus on management and control rather than administration and distribution of the information.

Increased cooperation

Gather all project information in one place and make it available to both internal and external members.

Better results and impact

Powerful functions for prioritisation of projects, resource management and analysis of portfolios and programs.

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Project management with real support

CANEA Project is a comprehensive project tool with transparent and integrated support for all types of projects and stakeholders – management, resource owners, clients, project managers and project participants. Powerful functions for planning and control of activities, resources and costs help you implement projects successfully in accordance with the strategy and plan.

Keep an eye on the big picture

The system provides an unbeatable overview of the entire project portfolio, profitability and status. That makes it easier to choose the right project, prioritise and make decisions. With CANEA Project, you can quite simply maximise the benefit of project investments.

We use CANEA Project

Hundreds of organisations in many different industries have demonstrated trust in us. Read about some of our customers here.

Kinnarps reorganises its IT support

Kinnarps needed to make projects visual for all stakeholders and so implemented CANEA Project – a complete solution for effective project and portfolio management.

LKAB sharpens their project management with CANEA ONE

LKAB has one of the most highly intensive and extensive project management activities where the largest project has a budget of 14 billion SEK. Due to the big amount of external project members (approx. 90 % of the total 2000 employees) and growing project volume, the need for a comprehensive project and portfolio management tool was essential.

Quick relaunch of Region Västra Götaland

With around 50,000 employees, Region Västra Götaland is one of Sweden’s largest employers. This means hundreds of different projects per year. Now the region has chosen CANEA Project as its project tool.


CANEA Projects is a comprehensive solution for project operations with support for project managers and project members, management and project offices.

Manage portfolios

Manage project portfolios and programs at several levels with aggregate status. View multiple projects at the same time from different perspectives such as project type, organisation and strategy. Facilitate prioritisation and control of multi-project operations for the management and project office.

Optimise resources

Manage resources across the project. Plan resources and roles in the project for both activities and work packages, periodised weekly, monthly or quarterly. Get an overview of overbooking and availability of resources by resource, role, department and period.

Optional project methodology

CANEA Project gives the project team the right support throughout project implementation. The result is a better application of the methodology, with better compliance as a result. Use your own project model or any of those existing on the market, such as XLPM or PROPS. The system can be configured with any number of models consisting of phases, gates, criteria and document templates.

Plan projects

Plan the project online and share the schedule with stakeholders in a simple way. Create hierarchical WBS models with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Plan activities in the Gantt chart with times and dependencies. Support for basic plans, version management, critical path and permissions for proper access. Also provides support for cost and resource planning at all levels of the project.

Cooperate and communicate

Effective collaboration within the team affects the result of the project to a great extent. CANEA Project offers social features throughout the system to allow for discussion and information sharing in a natural way linked to documents, activities, risks, etc. The system automatically notifies of changes, news and posts within the project at both project and aggregated individual level. The system is also integrated with online meetings and chat.

Manage documents

Manage and share all project-related documentation online. Smart functions for easy uploading and editing of documents. Support for folders, permission control, templates, version management and connection to Outlook. Also support for managing information, risks and other types of issues, such as changes, purchases and deviations.

Analyse and report

Generate reports in the system in table format or as interactive diagrams. Create decision documentation and analyse summaries with parameters such as benefit, time, cost, project type, priority and status. The system comes with a powerful and flexible analysis component for graphical presentation.

Calculate and budget

CANEA Project manages financial information in projects based on perspectives such as calculations, budgets, outcomes and forecasts. Can be managed at activity, work package and project level. Support for periodisation of data and external connection to financial systems.

Report time

Allow users to report time per day, per project and per activity. Also includes reporting of ETC to gain control of status and progress of activities. Functions for summaries and follow-up of reported time at project and activity level.

We were immediately convinced when we looked at CANEA Project. Five sites are involved in Kinnarps’ development projects and we need to visualise the projects for everyone involved. This will help us do that. I was really attracted to the combination of power and simplicity!

Tomas Ekström, Quality Manager and responsible for project methodology, Kinnarps


We have been delivering effective IT solutions to create increased profitability and more satisfied customers for our clients since 1997. The combination of flexible products and experienced consultants is what lies behind our success for solutions with many uses!

Project Management

Project management - increase the project maturity! CANEA ONE is the solution for better planning, management and collaboration in your projects.

Project Portfolio Management

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Resource Management

Resource management - optimising resource utilisation! The solution for better planning and division of resources and follow up of available time.