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Non-profit organizations and initiatives for which our heart beats that little bit faster.


Money that gives hope

CANEA donates a portion of its profits to charity. Over the years, we have supported several organizations and initiatives that create better conditions for people who are struggling. These include, for example, the Thematically orphanage in South Africa, to which we have contributed financially for several years, see quote below. We also support non-profit organizations with subsidized consultancy & IT services and educational products.

Examples of organizations we sponsor or have sponsored in the recent past:

Thematically orphanage in South Africa.

Red Cross.

Medecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)- a medical humanitarian organization that saves lives and relieves suffering.

Ukraine - we have arranged our own humanitarian transports with sleeping mats, wood-fired field kitchens, compresses & gauze, hygiene items and chocolate.

Cancer Fund - CANEA is a corporate friend.

Team Rinkeby - sponsors the Children's Cancer Foundation and the Children's Brain Foundation.

Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

World Wildlife Fund.

Africa Youth Cup – the continent's biggest football tournament for children.


Helping people grow

"I have known that I wanted to be a social worker since I was small. I've always known where I come from and what I wanted to achieve with my life. I've worked hard and I deserve to be where I am today. Thanks to the support of CANEA and Friends of Thematically, I have been given the chance to give back to the community and to achieve my dream."

Mabuyi "Torres" Luna - Torres comes from her enormous interest in football - was born on 20 December 1992 in South Africa in the poor rural province of KwaZulu-Natal. She grew up with her mother and siblings in difficult conditions.

When Mabuyi was 4-5 years old, her mother took her to the Thematically orphanage to ask them to take care of her. Thematically means "our hope" in Zulu. When she was 6, her mother died. With the support of the Friends of Thematically Orphanage, Mabuyi completed her degree in social work at the University of South Africa, Durban in 2016. Her goal is to work with drug addiction and show that you can come from poverty and still change your situation.

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