System support from CANEA meets the high demands of the airline BRA

BRA was founded in 2016 with the merger of thirteen different companies. Five different systems support were to be jettisoned for one new joint unit. After benchmarking against tailored support for the airline industry, the choice fell on CANEA ONE.

"We needed system support that provided an overall picture, while being able to quickly reach the detail level" says Karin Forsell. BRA's business is governed by 2,445 airline industry regulations. The company must comply with all of them to obtain the twelve permits required to run the business. BRA must be able to verify that all the regulations are managed in the company manuals for processes and procedures, and demonstrate that the process descriptions are complied with in daily work.

"When we formed BRA, we needed to find a new common system that could easily provide an overall picture of all the different regulations that we are governed by, and link them to various parts of the business. The extensive regulation database that we need to manage, means that we need robust system support," says Tobias Albrekt, Compliance Monitoring Manager at BRA.

A joint management system after the merger

Tobias Albrekt worked with colleague and Safety Manager Karin Forsell to come up with a uniform working method and develop system support for case management in a joint management system. In conjunction with the merger, they were responsible for their respective areas, regulatory compliance, as well as safety and quality within each of the thirteen merged companies

"We needed system support that provided an overall picture, while being able to quickly reach the detail level" says Karin Forsell, Safety Manager, BRA

BRA then conducted a benchmarking of various systems that led to the selection of the CANEA Workflow.

Systems do exist that are tailor-made for the aviation industry, but they are extremely costly. We were able to conclude that CANEA Workflow is a cost-effective and flexible case management system that can be adapted to the specific nature of each operation, and then be developed as requirements or conditions change. We knew what we wanted and many of the parts were already in place with CANEA.

Seamless case and deviation reporting

Tobias Albrekt works with regulatory compliance and when BRA does not comply with a regulation or legal requirement, a report is created to register the deviation and then a response is required. Karin Forsell, on the other hand, works with quality and flight safety, as well as deviation handling from elsewhere in the organisation. Anything that can affect flight safety in any way should be reported in the system - certain events are reported to the Swedish Transport Agency.

"We have a management system for systematic work with aviation safety and CANEA Workflow is a big part of it. This enables us to handle all deviations and be proactive in bringing about a high level of aviation safety in the company. It is easy to report into the system and easy to handle reported data, extract statistics and follow trends in different parts of the business." says Karin Forsell.

Both Karin and Tobias emphasise that there is a sensitivity to customer requirements at CANEA.

"BRA has special requirements that no one else has and this necessitates a special solution. Because CANEA understood our requirements and listened to our views, and could easily configure the system to suit, it works very well."

After the implementation, new flows have subsequently been added to the system.

We have added follow-up and monitoring of subcontractors, handling of action points raised in meetings and change management, etc.

External auditors impressed

Every year, BRA is visited by various external auditors and must then be able to demonstrate that they comply with the established regulations.

"Last December when IATA's Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) team was here and inspected us over two weeks, we were told how clear the case management system is and how easy it is to get the material they want to see. They are very impressed by the platform we have created in CANEA Workflow," concludes Karin Forsell.

About BRA

The BRA brand was established in 2016 after a merger of several regional airlines that were already part of the same Swedish group of companies. The company's flight DNA dates back to the 1940s and Braathens S.A.F.E., founded in 1946 in Norway. More than 2 million passengers per year, distributed across thirteen Swedish destinations and two outside Sweden. BRA has approximately 45,000 flights per year and has 1,100 employees. Sales are approximately SEK 2.5 billion. According to the Swedish Quality Index, BRA's passengers were the most satisfied for flights within Sweden in 2016, 2017 and 2018.