SUEZ Recycling gets better result from waste with CANEA ONE

Since 2007, SUEZ Recycling has been using CANEA ONE to support its management system with great success. The system was chosen because it fulfilled all the requirements SUEZ Recycling set in terms of user-friendliness, availability and flexibility.

Bakground och needs

The demands on SUEZ Recycling's document management and traceability have increased significantly over recent years, including as a result of the Enron scandal. Shortcomings within aspects such as traceability led to a new corporate governance code, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). In Europe, the corresponding law is often called EuroSOX. Prior to procurement of a system the choice was between a number of suppliers. Among other things, SUEZ Recycling required that the new system should support SOX, a requirement that CANEA ONE fulfills.

At the same time SUEZ Recycling's IT department evaluated and used the module for case management for a year for support cases with the aim of ensuring that the product fulfilled the requirements of a large decentralised organisation such as SUEZ Recycling.

The simplicity and flexibility in the new generation of CANEA ONE in combination with the possibilities for demanding users meant that it was a simple choice for SUEZ Recycling to upgrade the existing Notes-based solution to the entirely web-based version of CANEA ONE.

"We work effectively with financial, environmental, occupational health and safety and quality questions through our management system. It is reassuring that we have systems that ensure that we follow legal requirements and that we systematically work to reduce our environmental impact." 
says Jens Mohn, who is responsible for SUEZ Recycling's management system.

Benefits and advantages

CANEA ONE supports SUEZ Recycling's operational management system and is used for purposes such as making available routines and instructions and encouraging the operation's constant improvement work. IT support cases are managed in the case management module CANEA Workflow.

And very soon the control functions for fulfilment of SOX and environmental and occupational health and safety requirements will be managed through CANEA ONE and its modules CANEA Document, CANEA Workflow and CANEA Process.

"It has been very straightforward to configure CANEA ONE for our specific conditions and we are already seeing opportunities to construct the case flow ourselves to simplify our administrative processes. CANEA ONE beats their competitor's offers hands down.", Jens Mohn concludes.

About SUEZ Recycling

SUEZ Recycling AB is one of the country's leading companies within recycling and waste management. With 1200 employees, 60 local offices and its own treatment centres, SUEZ Recycling offers effective, environmentally-friendly solutions with a focus on innovation and long-term sustainability. SUEZ Recycling is part of the stock-exchange listed environmental company SUEZ ENVIRONMENT. Together there are 62,000 employees collecting waste from 46 million people and providing 68 million people with drinking water.