Frösunda can focus on its customers

With the help of CANEA ONE, Frösunda created a management system based on SOSFS 2011:9, which meant that the business could focus on what is most important – providing customers with the very best care.

Background and needs

Frösunda is one of Sweden’s largest private care operators with over 8,000 employees in the areas of elderly care and personal assistance for individuals and families, as well as those that are disabled. The objective of the business is to offer customers the very best care, something which requires continuous improvement work.

Frösunda is also a geographically dispersed business, with several segments that require management, coordination and monitoring at different levels. 
At the same time, the company is subject to the regulations of Sweden’s National Board of Health
and Welfare regarding management systems for systematic quality work (SOSFS 2011:9), which sets requirements for processes, procedures and working methods, among other things.

In order to manage the integrated and process oriented management system and provide the best conditions for their employees, Frösunda chose, following a thorough procurement process, to implement the complete solution CANEA ONE.

Benefits and advantages

CANEA ONE simplifies and improves the quality work throughout the business,
from management right down 
to the daily care work. The focus is on simplicity 
and user-friendliness. Effective document and information management with role-based home pages, customized views, metadata management, acknowledgements, and smart search functions make it easy to find the right information quickly. Administrative tasks are automated, and managers can more easily and quickly get the new information to the right target groups within the organization.

Frösunda can also easily visualize its processes in the same tool. Documents and cases are linked to activities. Executable processes are also handled in the CANEA ONE case management module, which is used by Frösunda, for example, for deviation management, improvement suggestions and comments and complaints. Reporters get feedback in a smooth manner while management remains in full control of the business by means of statistical, chart and report functions.

Together with us, Frösunda creates a more vibrant and user-friendly management system for the entire operation, which saves time and means the business 
can focus on the most important thing – giving their customers the very best care.