AddSecure grows internationally with CANEA ONE

AddSecure contributes to a safer society by securing data and critical communications for its clients around the world. Operating in a fast paced market, the company saw the need for a quality management system to grow together with overtime – CANEA ONE was the system that met the needs.

Originating from one of the Nordics largest telecom and security companies, AddSecure was founded in the seventies and is today present on several markets around the world, with some of the biggest markets in the area of North Europe.

The company provides over 50 000 users with secure data and communications, from client sites and emergency centers. Their clients are mainly operating in areas such as the security and safety industry, building security and automation, digital care, transport and logistics as well as smart cities.

A fast-growing business

Anna Nyberg 2006

"Originally our solutions were used in Sweden and Norway, but through a number of acquisitions throughout the years we are now present in 15 countries. Since our growth strategy is to acquire other companies, the number of system users are growing rapidly", explains Anna Nyberg, Director of Quality control at AddSecure.

When two companies within the AddSecure group merged a couple of years ago there was a need to review the management processes and systems. Consultants and system experts from CANEA were introduced to help define and map the processes, as well as set up a management system to support the operations.

CANEA ONE — Document, Process and Workflow

Today the business is using three modules in CANEA ONE – CANEA Document, Process and Workflow – for document management, process modelling, as well as reporting of deviations and suggestions for continuous improvements. Everything has been done from scratch, from mapping the organization’s processes to defining the ways of working.

CANEA ONE being a no-code system, where configuration and maintenance can be easily done without any coding experience, made the entire process smoother. Setting up a workflow could be done in just a couple of hours – all by using drag and drop in the design graphical user interface.

Searchability in the system

Making sure the organization and employees have control over relevant documents is key. All documents being searchable and the ability to set up views showing documents based on metadata tagging have been very useful. It allows for relevant information to reach the right employee at the right time, says Anna.

Clean and intuitive interface

CANEA ONE as a whole is very intuitive. Since the user sees what information is relevant in his or her specific position there is no need to ask for permission to use specific functions, instead you will see the information you need to complete your tasks. If a person changes position in the company the administrators of the system can easily change what the specific employee sees and what documents that are to be available for their use. Only displaying the information needed creates a clean and user-friendly interface for the users.

Future developments

Anna foresees more work to come in the near future. Not all companies within the AddSecure group have yet received the benefits and structured document management approach of the system. Currently the Finnish branch is next in line to enter the system and there are more to come after that.

About AddSecure AB

AddSecure provides over 50,000 customers and partners around Europe with first-class solutions for secure critical communications and data management. It is majority-owned by funds managed by Castik Capital, a European private equity fund with a long-term value creation strategy, founded in 2014.