CANEA ONE - SOLOM's clear choice of management system

When AB SOLOM, Sollentuna municipality's health and care company, needed digital support to develop their elderly care and their activities for people with functional variations, they chose CANEA ONE to support their quality work. 

With about 1000 employees and 1200 residents, SOLOM is Sollentuna municipality's largest provider of health and social care. They wanted the support to help them digitize and further develop their systematic quality work and take advantage of lessons learned over the years. To ensure continuous improvement work, a holistic view and approach to quality work was needed. The choice therefore fell on CANEA ONE. 

– CANEA won the procurement. However, we were initially a little hesitant to whether they had really understood what we needed and how we would be able to reach the goal, as they used a slightly different vocabulary than we were used to, says Annette Sjöborg, Quality Manager at SOLOM, and continues: 

But we were impressed by the attentiveness to our needs that their project manager showed throughout the project. Thanks to this, and that our own understanding of the system increased as the project progressed, we have not only made it all the way, but also discovered more opportunities in CANEA ONE. 


Challenges along the way

These types of projects often take longer than you initially hope and believe. It is important not to implement too much new practices and procedures in too short a time, if you want employees to really start using the new system. In addition, businesses need to set aside time for the implementation, even if they are busy with day-to-day operations. The fact that the implementation coincided with the coronavirus pandemic didn't help either. 


Success factors in the implementation

A contributing factor to CANEA ONE landing so well at SOLOM was that they understood early on that they needed to set aside enough time to learn the system and that they needed to develop manuals and training videos for the staff. It was also important that employees were given the opportunity to contribute with improvements via the improvement flows in CANEA Workflow. 

It was important for us to be able to manage and further develop the system to suit our needs, says Annette Sjöborg. 

And thanks to our dedicated project manager, and enough time allocated to the project, good preparatory work could be carried out with preparations in the form of manuals, training films, et cetera. 


Other success factors according to Annette Sjöborg: 

  • Meticulous preparatory work. 
  • Test activities. 
  • Flexible timetable and frequent reviews. 
  • Adapted training courses. 
  • Fast and good support from CANEA's project manager. 
  • Adaptation of CANEA ONE. 
  • Use of terms and expressions that the employees recognized. 
  • A small group from SOLOM worked on the project. 
  • Annette had the mandate to make decisions on most issues, which facilitated the ongoing work. 

Simplified quality work

After a thoughtful and systematic roll-out with great support to the working groups, CANEA ONE has become an important part of SOLOM's systematic quality work. Employees can now easily find important documents, report cases, and receive feedback, while the management team has gained a channel for systematic follow-up and analysis, which contribute to the continued quality and development work. Thanks to flows and checklists in CANEA Workflow, several of SOLOM's working methods have been simplified. 


The timeline

During the period 2016-2018, SOLOM identified their needs, and a quality organization was put together. In 2019, it became clear that digital support was needed to ensure and develop quality work. This would provide greater transparency and allow the work to be monitored in real time. In 2021, the digital quality management system CANEA ONE was procured and in 2022 it went live. 


What worked well according to SOLOM 
  • CANEA's clear structure and ongoing fine-tuning with a focus on us as a customer. 
  • Great responsiveness and flexibility. 
  • Well-functioning and fast support from CANEA during and after the project. 
  • Continuous support from SOLOM's management team. 
  • Curiosity and great commitment from managers and employees. 
  • All materials that could be prepared before the implementation of the management system were prepared, which saved a lot of time. 
  • Customized implementation and ongoing support to the operations, which has facilitated the adoption of the management system. 
  • Flexibility in the timetable. 
  • Accurate and continuous documentation. 


Baseline situation in 2016:
  • No functioning quality management system. 
  • No quality organization. 
  • No systematic quality work. 
  • No local procedures. 
  • Lack of competence among employees and managers. 
  • Digital operational support was missing. 


Results in 2022:
  • A distinct quality management system in place.  
  • A well-functioning quality organization. 
  • A well-functioning systematic quality work. 
  • Local procedures in place at all operations. 
  • Continuous competence development. 
  • Digital quality management system implemented. 


"With the help of Solklart*, we can do the right things at the right time and in the right way. This contributes to satisfied residents, clients and employees!" 

Annette Sjöborg, Quality Manager AB SOLOM 


(Solklart* is SOLOM's name for CANEA ONE)