How We Effect ensured employees' access to the latest policy documents

We Effect strengthens democratically governed organizations in their work for the right to food, gender equality and climate justice. But aid funding is not enough to do this staff need to know how to act in different situations and therefore need access to the latest versions of policies and procedures. We helped them with procedures and tools to ensure that. 

Operating in 20 countries, We Effect helps people to lift themselves out of poverty. One of the ways they do this is by working with farmers' cooperatives and housing associations. With their geographically dispersed operations and limited human resources, it is important to find smart procedures and tools to ensure that everyone in the organization is working in accordance with the latest policies. The fear of missing important documentation was a cause of stress among staff.

– We had been working on quality management as regards our internal processes but had no global platform for sharing documents with each other. When we developed a new policy, we emailed it to all regional managers, who in turn forwarded it to their respective employees. It was therefore difficult to ensure that everyone was working according to the latest versions of our policy documents, says Anna Karlberg, IT Coordinator at We Effect.

ISO 9001:2015

When establishing their quality management system in 2017, based on ISO 9001:2015, they started looking for a process-oriented IT system where employees could easily find information about the organization's processes. And where We Effect could ensure that the latest versions of the governing documents were always available to the globally dispersed staff.

– Important factors in the choice of management system were that CANEA was a Swedish supplier and a stable partner and that CANEA ONE was a well-proven system developed for quality management. The support from CANEA's consultants and the support has been great, says Anna Karlberg.

The result

It has also been very good to be able to point out which policies we work with and know that everyone has access to the latest versions of them, says Anna Karlberg, and concludes:

– It is a security to work with CANEA because they are service-oriented and offer workshops and training for those who will work in both the system and in quality management in general.

"CANEA is a great partner with professional support that delivers a very good customer contact. You can ask about anything and you get a quick answer."

Anna Karlberg, IT Coordinator, We Effect

About We Effect

We Effect is the Swedish cooperative aid organization and works very closely with its member organizations. SIDA, Sweden's aid agency, is the largest contributor. Postkodslotteriet is also a large donor together with a number of institutional donors such as the EU, embassies, Coca-Cola as well as Swedish companies and private individuals, whose contributions partly are made up of wills. 93 % of the fundraising income in 2021 went directly to the recipient organizations, i.e. only seven percent of a given hundred kronor was used for administration and salaries for employees.


Examples of donors:

  • COOP – one of the founding organizations
  • Folksam
  • Fonus
  • HSB
  • KF – one of the founding organizations
  • Lantmännen
  • LRF – one of the founding organizations
  • OK – one of the founding organizations
  • Riksbyggen
  • Swedbank
  • Världens barn via Radiohjälpen.
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