Cybersecurity around key personnel

In the last 5-10 years digitalization has been implemented as part of a strategic process in companies and organizations. In line with this, awareness of cybersecurity has increased and large sums have been invested in building advanced security solutions to protect our assets. 

As a result, cybercriminals have been forced to find new ways. The trend is that they increasingly use advanced approaches to examine and analyze information from closed internet forums (deep and dark web) as well as open sources such as social media, newspapers, etc. to find digital vulnerabilities.    
Senior executives and board members are often relatively exposed in the digital world and therefore a very relevant target group for criminal schemes.   
Exposed data and vulnerabilities are then used to carry out advanced attacks against selected companies and key individuals. Common types of attacks include account hijacking, identity theft, extortion, malware and ransomware, etc.    
The Board has an overall responsibility to ensure that risks to the organization from a strategic point of view are identified and managed. Attacks of the above type can have a devastating effect on companies and organizations and therefore it is relevant from a board perspective to create a picture of the threats and vulnerabilities that exist around the board members themselves and key people in the organization.   

Today, however, there are effective tools and methods that can be used to anticipate the criminals and identify digital vulnerabilities around key individuals in good time. And, there is help available, CANEA offers services to help organizations and businesses map and manage these types of vulnerabilities. 

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