The issue of information security must be addressed systematically

As digitalization continues, organizations today are processing increasing amounts of data. While the benefits of digitalization are many, the threats and demands on information security have increased, requiring organizations to take a holistic approach to this area. 

Digitalization creates opportunities for an organization to reach new customers, while increasing the productivity and efficiency of the different parts of the business. But as the level of digitalization increases, so does the amount of data produced and processed both inside and outside the organization. And since almost all business processes depend on information, it becomes a business-critical asset. 

Increasing threats and demands 

In parallel with the growing trend towards digitalization, information security requirements have also increased in recent years and the threats continue to evolve. New legislation has been adopted - including national security laws, the EU NIS Directive, GDPR and industry-specific legislation. Customer demands for information security are also increasing. At the same time, today's threats are both more numerous and more sophisticated than before. 

Systematic approach 

In response to the new opportunities, demands and threats brought about by digitalization, organizations must take a systematic and holistic approach to information security. The basis for this work lies in understanding what information is processed within the organization and how and where it is processed. Knowing this, as well as the requirements that apply, makes it possible to analyze threats and vulnerabilities and to identify and prioritize risks. Appropriate measures can then be implemented to manage the situation. 

Proven framework 

The international standard ISO/IEC 27001 provides a proven framework for systematically organizing all these aspects. Using ISO/IEC 27001 as the basis for an organization's information security management system provides internal assurance and external trust. 

Our information security services 

Our extensive experience in building and implementing information security management systems, in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001, has enabled us to help many organizations certify to the standard in recent years. Our IT solution CANEA ONE has helped our customers to gather their information in one place and to gain structure and control over their information assets. We also offer complete information security solutions through established partnerships with leading technical and legal specialists. 

The benefits of ISO 27001 

  • Understand how information should be handled inside and outside the organization. 
  • Effective framework to meet legal requirements. 
  • Method to systematically identify, evaluate and respond to information security risks. 
  • Greater awareness of information security in your organization. 
  • Enables certification of the organization and thus to demonstrate to stakeholders that information security requirements have been met. 

"My experience from previous assignments has shown how important it is to take a holistic approach to information security. It is not only about IT security but also about how information assets are managed by everyone, from suppliers to the organization's own employees." 

Nicolas ter Wisscha, management consultant at CANEA