Use a systematic approach to information security

As the trend toward digitization continues, organizations today process data in ever increasing volumes. While the advantages of digitization are many, the threat landscape and information security requirements have both increased – requiring organizations to take a holistic approach in this field.

Digitization creates the means for an organization to reach new customers, while increasing productivity and efficiency in the various parts of the business. As the level of digitization increases, so does the volume of data produced and processed both inside and outside of the organization. Almost every business process depends on information, making it a business-critical asset.

Increasing threats and requirements

Alongside the growing trend toward digitization, information security requirements have also increased in recent years and the threat landscape continues to change. New legislation has been enacted – including national security laws, the EU’s NIS directive, GDPR, and industry-specific legislation. Customers’ demands for information security are also on the increase. Meanwhile, the threat landscape has changed: today’s threats are both more numerous and more sophisticated than before.

Systematic approach

In response to the new opportunities, demands and threats that digitization brings, organizations need to take a systematic, holistic approach to information security. The basis of this work lies in understanding what information is processed within the organization, and how and where it is processed. An understanding of this and of current requirements allows threats and vulnerabilities to be analyzed, and risks to be identified and prioritized. Appropriate measures can then be implemented to deal with the situation.

Proven framework

The international ISO/IEC 27001 standard provides a proven framework to systematically organize all these various aspects. Using ISO/IEC 27001 as the basis for an organization’s information security management system makes for internal peace of mind and external trust.

Our information security services

Our extensive experience in building and implementing information security management systems based on ISO/IEC 27001 has enabled us to help many organizations achieve certification under the standard in recent years. Our IT solution CANEA ONE has helped our customers gather all of their information in one place, creating structure and control over their information assets. We also offer complete information security solutions through established partnerships with leading technical and legal specialists.

The advantages of ISO 27001

  • Understand what and how information is managed in and outside of the organization
  • An effective framework for meeting legal requirements
  • A method to systematically identify, evaluate and respond to information security risks
  • Greater awareness of information security in your organization
  • The ability to certify the organization and demonstrate to stakeholders that information security requirements have been met

“My experience from previous assignments has shown just how important a holistic approach to information security is. It’s not just about IT security, but also about the way information assets are handled by everyone from suppliers to the organization’s own employees.”
Nicolas ter Wisscha, Principal at CANEA