Internal audits
- ISO 9001

ISO9001 Quality

In this intensive and highly appreciated course, you will receive a thorough review of ISO 9001 and have the opportunity to practice your interview methodology and presentation skills.

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In realistic role plays and workshops, you will plan and carry out an audit in a process-oriented organization. You will learn how to use countercurrent technology to audit management systems as well as to identify improvements in working methods, handover points, risk management, roles and objectives based on a focus on external and internal stakeholders.

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Who is it for?

The course is intended for those who carry out internal quality audits and others who need a deeper knowledge of how internal audit activities should be conducted to find efficiency improvement opportunities, such as quality managers, purchasing managers and business managers.

What prior knowledge is required?

You should have knowledge of quality management systems and ISO 9001. If you lack this prior knowledge, we recommend that you first attend our "ISO 9001 Basic Course".

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the course is to give you the perspective that internal audits can serve as a tool for improving the efficiency of the company's processes and to give you in-depth knowledge of internal audit methodology such as planning, implementation, reporting and follow-up.

Other information

You should expect self-study after days one and two. The amount required depends on your prior knowledge.

To facilitate learning, a homework assignment will be sent to you prior to the course where the ISO 9001 standard is studied.
We have participated in the development of the new version of ISO 9001 launched in 2015 and have deep expertise in the field.


3 days

The course was well planned. A lot in a short time, just how I like training to be. The trainers were knowledgeable and the material thorough. Following this training, we are better prepared and can now carry out our internal audits more objectively.

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Internal audits
- ISO 9001

Length: 3 days

if you have question about the course or want us to hold it with you instead?