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The system with integrated management of strategies, projects, processes, cases and documents. Quite simply effective business management.

A business system where all the parts fit together

CANEA ONE links the strategy together with day-to-day operations. A modular system in which each piece is created to provide the right support for your business.
Implements the strategy

A unique common thread ensures that all activities are in line with the overall strategy.

Strengthens competitiveness

A smarter way of working enables employees to focus on more important things.

Improves profitability

A good overview of the business allows you to make the right business decisions.

A comprehensive program family

CANEA ONE consists of five integrated modules that can be combined and supplemented as required. CANEA Document

CANEA Document

Document Management

CANEA Process

CANEA Process

Process modelling

CANEA Project

CANEA Project

Project Management

CANEA Workflow

CANEA Workflow

Case management

CANEA Strategy

CANEA Strategy

Strategy Activation

We looked at the different options available on the market. CANEA’s integrated program family for management systems and project and portfolio management met our requirements best and is now providing invaluable support for us in our daily work

Henrik Johansson, Vice President, Öhlins Racing

Why do customers choose CANEA ONE?

A comprehensive business system
Very easy to use, even for infrequent users
Businesses can change the configuration themselves
Replaces many different systems with a single installation

A common thread from strategy to implementation

Our system is based on the strategy and connects success factors and key performance indicators with day-to-day operations, projects and processes – for real.

Integrating the management system with your strategy creates the optimum prerequisites for implementing the strategy, the potential for faster changes, the right focus and support in daily work, and a living business with continual improvement.

Quite simply, more gets done – and better

CANEA ONE gives your employees an understanding of working methods and better opportunities for cooperation.

This reduces both friction and unnecessary duplication of effort. It also makes it easier to adapt to rapid changes. Our system quite simply reduces the inefficiency that in practice is always a problem when organisations grow and become more complex.

Some of our customers

  • Våra kunder
  • Våra kunder

Global network of experts

We have partners in 22 countries who can support you locally with professional services and training in CANEA ONE.

CANEA Partners

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We offer a broad range of services for the introduction of our IT solutions that give you the right support during work with planning, introduction and management. Thanks to our quick and competent commissioning, the business gets the benefit of the investment at an early stage, with consequent increased profitability.


Operation of our solutions can take place on your own server (internally) or by letting us take care of the operation over the Internet (SaaS). We help you to choose solution!


During introduction of our products, we work according to a methodology that ensures quality and on-time delivery. We leave nothing to chance.


Our products are continuously developed, and follow technological development, new standards, feedback from users, new tools and trends to stay world class.


We offer access to highly qualified advice and assistance together with prioritised handling of any questions regarding the use of our IT solutions.


We are a training company and as a natural part of the introduction of IT solutions we offer our customers training and education, adapted for the occation.


In order to create maximum value of CANEA ONE and cohesiveness in business processes we often perform integration assignments together with our customers

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