The ISO 9001 auditor was actually impressed

NKT Photonics received support with surveying, simplification and standardization of the processes – and attained complete control of the documentation with CANEA ONE.

Filali Bojattouy is Quality Manager at  NKT Photonics, a subsidiary of NKT. The company specializes in fiber and laser systems worldwide, and has production sites in Denmark as well as Germany, Switzerland and England, in addition to a global organization.

The art of making the complex simple

− We are an engineering company with a lot of research, design and development, says Filali Bojattouy. 
− We do not sell matches, so to speak − we develop, produce and sell several different products. This involves parameters that need to be adjusted, configured
and collected, and deliver performance in each single case, and they are all critical
for success. The technology is complex, so the product is complex and therefore the process also quickly gets complex.

User-friendly overview

− CANEA helped us create a simple overview of our processes: How does a task start, what journey does it go through? And making it user-friendly and intuitive, so that everyone can find the relevant documentation and information that we could produce and implement in a standardized way, says Filali Bojattouy.

− The processes are now available in CANEA ONE. The simplicity is of great benefit to the users. This means that with a couple of simple clicks they can find, for example, the specifications of a particular type of product, how to pack and send it, and who is responsible, he continues. 

− It is user-friendly and simple, and it gives customers confidence that we are in control  of the processes. 


Clear documentation - for everything!

In addition, the quality assurance and work  on ISO 9001 certifications have also become much easier with CANEA ONE, which NKT Photonics uses as a centralized QMS and for document management. The system provides, among other things, full access control, traceability, reviewing and backup. 
− We have a lot organized in CANEA ONE. Internal audits, external audits, deviations, documentation and registration. For example, with planned internal audits: We can see how the audit went, the results, the deviations that occurred, responses to these deviations, root causes and what preventive actions have been implemented. It's smart and it makes it so much easier and more manageable to document, when ISO 9001 certification is a requirement, he continues.

Another successful certification

NKT Photonics has been ISO 9001 certified for many years, but as Quality Manager,
Filali Bojattouy has been at the forefront of the company's transition from the ISO 9001:2008 standard to ISO 9001: 2015, where the requirements have changed considerably.

It was an important test for CANEA ONE, he emphasizes.

We had a big audit, where the auditor went through everything for one week. All the procedures, all the documentationhe looked at all of it. And we got really good results he was impressed with how organized our processes are in CANEA ONE and how much security there is in the system! Concludes Filali Bojattouy with a smile.