Göteborg Roro continues to find new uses for CANEA ONE

When Göteborg Roro changed owners in 2012 the terminal needed a new, more flexible case management system. After evaluating several options, their choice was CANEA Workflow.

Background and needs

National laws, Swedish authorities and ISO 9001 and 14001 require traceability for handling discrepancies. The old system Göteborg Roro used for deviation was proprietary. At the change of system Göteborg Roro demanded purely a system suitable for both personal injury, material damage and other anomalies. CANEA Workflow met all these requirements.


”It was necessary that the system that was chosen could be installed immediately. I worked for the quieter part of the summer and it was a perfect opportunity to implement CANEA Workflow. Flexibility from CANEA ment that the introduction was finished before the fall when all the other systems would be replaced.” says Kajsa Asker, HSEQ Manager på Göteborg Roro.

Two people in Göteborg Roro have administrator and design rights in the system. That means they have control over who has access to the system and what steps each person should use to handle the case flow. Administrators can themselves put up new vistas, configure functionality, improve processes and build new forms. CANEA had staff on site at the beginning of the project that showed how CANEA Workflow works and gave a helping hand in setting up the system. Because the old system was more complicated and complex there was no problem for any of the employees to learn the methods in CANEA Workflow. Today Göteborg Roro educates new users on their own, as the need arises.


Regarding damage to cargo and property Göteborg Roro can report and document damage to be detected before the goods are handled, and damages arising out of Göteborg Roro´s handling. They can also tie reports to photos and other documentation. In case of injury, an in-depth investigation form has been added and also the opportunity to follow up on the submission that has been made to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, Insurance and other insurance companies. Incident reporting has been made simple for the convenience of the user.

Using CANEA Workflow all types of injuries can be reported in the same place, no matter where they are discovered. Every injury is a matter that is forwarded be handled by the right person. It is a great advantage when looking at individual claims and to find all the information about a case gathered in one place.

Compared to the previous systems Gothenburg Roro used, the follow-up in Workflow becomes more clear. It passes the "action" and "follow-up" to the next manager and that person can immediately grasp the subject. The system also provides a clear overview of which cases are waiting for your attention. In addition to this, CANEA Workflow integrated with Gothenburg Roro financial system VISMA. It allows, among other things, how large deductible amounts are booked against the insurance company. The next step for Gothenburg Roro is to go ahead with mobile reporting of injuries by using the CANEA app for smartphones.

”I knew from the beginning what I wanted out of the system and what needed to be reported. But exactly what would happen in the end I did not understand from the first moment. It feels great that the system is so configurable. We can adjust it easy for both our processes, its phases, forms and rules, but also monitoring functions such views, and email notifications. Several advantages of the system, we understood only after the introduction, and as we learn the system we understand to what extent we can use it.”, Kajsa concludes.

About Göteborg Roro

Göteborg Roro is located in Gothenburg harbor, at the mouth of the river Göta älv, right at Älvsborgs beautiful fortress. Ships from 7 destinations entering the port regularly with 21 calls a week.

Göteborg Roro, a ro-ro hub specializing in car and RoRo handling is an important part of the Swedish import and export chain. All types of rolling cargo is loaded and unloaded at the terminal of nearly 300 employees. Commercial vehicles, trailers, cargo on cartridges, machines, containers and project cargoes passing through one of the terminals 7 roll-on/roll-off berths to either England, Belgium or Finland. The terminal is located next to the largest container terminal in Scandinavia, creating opportunities to reach out to the world.