An exemplary example of professional project management

With CANEA's P5 model, a Department for Civil Engineering drastically increased its project maturity and the implementation project itself should be seen as an exemplary example of professional project management. 

The client: A large municipality in western Sweden

Civil Engineering, which is one of the municipality's 12 departments, is responsible for the planning, renewal and operation of the municipality's facilities. This includes water and sewage facilities, streets, public transport facilities, parks, plantings, playgrounds, sanitation and recycling.

The Civil Engineering department is also responsible for traffic and parking issues, broadband, local traffic regulations and municipal road safety work.

Much of the department’s work is conducted in project form. Effective project management is, therefore a key factor for the organization.

The challenge

The organization needed to improve its governance and follow-up. This had become clear during, among other things, the audits that had been carried out.

The assignment

Establish well-functioning project management of all the primary project types within the Department for Civil Engineering.

The entire implementation project, was completed in nine months. The project was completed on schedule, within budget, and all project objectives were achieved.

The execution

The assignment was carried out using CANEA's own P5 model for effective project management from a holistic perspective. The model is based on five areas of collaboration in project management that are essential for achieving good results.

In each assignment, the interests and perspectives of the client are the starting point, and the work is done in collaboration with the client.

The result

The results of the mission were clear. After implementation the organization had:

  • Clear project coordination in line with the municipality's project model and governance model.
  • Significantly increased knowledge in project management and project leadership.
  • Methods for adapting project management depending on the duration of the project.
  • Clear guidelines compiled in a project handbook.
  • Tools that support project coordination, project managers, project members and the line-organization.
  • Effective aggregated monitoring of projects.

Additionally, the project resulted in permanent structures and practices for continuous improvements of project activities.